Polisario asks Spain to clarify the disappearance of Saharawi leader Brahim Basiri half a century later

self-proclaimed government Sahara Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) invoked Spain as a former colonial power to explain the disappearance of the Saharawi leader. Brahim Basiri During the so-called Zemla uprising, who was 52 years old.

“Among the most hostile reactions colonists “This is revenge against the leader of the revolutionary movement, Brahim Basiri, Spain,” he said.

this 17 June 1970 Spain responded with “widespread suppression of protests and the arrest and torture of youth leaders, including Basiri,” who disappeared the same day. For the Polisario Front, Basiri’s death was “the spark of the struggle and uprising against the invader and the invader.”

“More than 50 years have passed and the people of the Sahara are following the same path of liberation. colonists and their plots,” the Saharawi government warned.

Before this “crimeSpanish authorities “never been brave enough to repent of their colonial past and apologize Materially and morally, despite the governments of different orientations prevailing in Madrid”.

Adding to all this is the recent “betrayal” of the Spanish Government’s support for the Moroccan autonomy plan. “historical debt” Spain’s struggle with the Saharawi.

Brahim Ghali, chairman of SADR and leader of the Polisario Front, said:Responsibility of the Spanish StateIt urges “to uncover the whereabouts of those who died in the Zemla uprising”.

On June 17, 1970, the two shows overlapped. Laayoune: one supports the Saharawi organization, the other supports colonization. Spanish authorities called for the dispersal of the old group, and the Legion Forces intervened, firing indiscriminately on the population, causing injuries and deaths, and arresting hundreds of demonstrators.

That same night, Basiri was arrested and remained in Ayun prison until July 16. latest information on where he is.

The former Spanish colony of Western Sahara was occupied by Morocco with Spain’s approval in 1975, despite resistance from the Polisario Front, where it remained at war until 1991, when both sides signed an agreement. stop the fire with the aim of holding a referendum on self-determination, but differences over the preparation of the census and whether to include Moroccan settlers have so far prevented it from being called.

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