Protests in Tunisia against the authoritarian stance of President Saied

About 2,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Tunisia this Saturday to protest the constitutional referendum called by the country’s president. Kais Saidin order to consolidate its almost absolute dominance in national politics.

Protest led this time Abir Musi, The leader of the Free Constitution Party made a new gesture against the president, who in July began to dissolve Parliament and rule by a decree that the opposition described as a self-coup.

In statements collected by Mosaique FM, Musi said, “illegal“The president’s attempts to change the Magna Carta are in addition to condemning the “excesses” perpetrated by election officials appointed by the president.

The political leader also condemned exclusion from the partyThe constitutional preparation process for the referendum, which will be held on 25 June in principle, has been started for the second time.

Source: Informacion


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