Serial thieves who robbed huts near Moscow were arrested

The police detained serial thieves who robbed huts near Moscow. This has been reported REN.

The criminals opened the doors with an ordinary nail driver. Everything was removed from the houses: household appliances, electronics, tools, etc.

On one of the household plots, even plates and a collection of insects and stones were stolen. To get all the loot, the attackers stole a car. He was later cremated, getting rid of the evidence, but filmed used as evidence of guilt.

According to the investigation, the detainees robbed at least 10 houses worth about one million rubles.

It was also learned that a thief was detained in Moscow. tested robbed an apartment but got drunk and fell asleep at the crime scene. The incident occurred on May 15 in Varshavskoe shosse, 70, building 3. The attacker, disguised as a courier, entered the apartment where only the children were at that time. The man tied them up and threatened with a knife, taking more than 400,000 rubles in euros and dollars.

Earlier, it was reported that a resident of the Chelyabinsk region. fell from the balcony of the robbed apartment. The incident occurred in the city of Ozersk. Police received a complaint from a woman who said her apartment had been burgled by her neighbors. The investigation team went to the scene.

Source: Gazeta


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