US to increase military spending by $45 billion in 2023

The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee has approved another $45 billion to increase the military budget in 2023. This has been reported Military Times.

According to the publication, the total defense spending in 2023 will be $ 847 billion. This amount will include a 4.6% increase in payments to military and civilian employees of the armed forces, the purchase of new aviation, naval and land equipment, as well as ammunition and assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, the budget includes the cost of developing a sea-launched nuclear cruise missile that the Joe Biden administration recommended the military abandon, as well as the cost of its continued operation. 12 Navy shipsIt was planned to withdraw from the fleet.

The costs also include the ongoing work of the free fall. atomic bomb B83 It has a capacity of up to 1.2 megatons, which will also be removed from combat duty at Biden’s initiative.

Former Director of the US National Defense Center at the Heritage Foundation, retired Lieutenant General Thomas Speer declarationHe said the U.S. military was underfunded, and that it had “serious damage to nearly every aspect of the country’s fighting power”.

According to Spehr, the budgets of nearly all military programs “haven’t even kept up with inflation,” forcing the military to lower training standards, reduce active force, as well as slash the pace of military construction to historic lows and cut funding for many. New weapons development projects.

Shper also noted that the total financial losses of the military since 2020 are about $ 46 billion, despite the situation in Ukraine, no increase in the defense budget is planned for 2023.

Source: Gazeta


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