this heat wave the province has been burning for several days AlicanteIt doesn’t just affect us humans. Ours Pets also suffer effects of high temperaturesespecially these dogs. And this both dogs and cats They are much more sensitive to heat than humans. and sensitive heat stroke. But in the face of this rise in thermometers, there are different ways to calm and refresh our pets, such as dog beaches.


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If your dog loves water, one of the best plans to do with your pet this weekend to enjoy swimming in the sea and to cool off with a good dive. Inside province of Alicante there are a few dog beaches A place where you can take your best friend and enjoy the summer, we tell you what they are and where they are.

Beaches for dogs in the province of Alicante

Beaches for dogs in the province of Alicante
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Beaches for dogs in Alicante 2022

Beaches for dogs in Alicante: Cala El Xarco, La Vila Joiosa

dir-dir small beach The rocks and pebbles south of La Vila welcome dogs and are open every day of the year. Beside Xarco Cove It’s usually not very crowded so taking our dog is ideal.

However, although there are no restrictions for pets, in the program, too, you must follow the rules. basic rules of dog beaches: collect their droppings, respect other swimmers and keep your pet under surveillance. It is also recommended to use a leash and muzzle to prevent accidents.

Beaches for dogs in Alicante: Punta del Riu Sec beach, El Campello

in the municipality of El Campello Punta del Riu Sec beachA cove of round stones located between the beaches of Carrerlamar and Muchavista. In 2018, this beach was awarded the third prize for the best beach for pets in Spain and is 300 meters long. It is one of the leading dog beaches in tourism. pet friendly and it has small waves so it is ideal to go with the family.

Beaches for dogs in Alicante: Barranc d'Aigües Pet Beach, El Campello.

Beaches for dogs in Alicante: Barranc d’Aigües Pet Beach, El Campello.

Also in the municipal term of El Campello, although slightly further from the urban core, Barranc d’Aigües beach. Located next to the mouth of the Río d’Aigües and made up of rolling fields, this beach is much quieter than Punta del Riu Sec. The ideal beach for those who want to enjoy a natural beach with less traffic with their dog..

Also, located under the cliff and culminating with the 16th century Watchtower “La Torre de Reixes or de Aigües”, this dog beach boasts moderate waves and clear waters.

Dog beaches in Alicante: Agua Amarga Beach Alex Dominguez

this brackish water beach It is Alicante’s “Dog-friendly” beach: it allows dogs to swim during the summer season and offers tailored services such as poop bag dispensers. This beach is located on the outskirts of the city. cityova and this is another dog beach perfect for enjoying the summer with our furry friends.

Dog beaches in Alicante: Caleta dels Gossets, Santa Pola. SANTA POLA TOURISM

this Caleta dels Gossets is located in the north. Santa Pola, this little bay opened in 2016 and has been very well received. La Caleta dels Gossets displays the typical rocky texture of this coastline, which doesn’t usually make it crowded compared to the usual overcrowding on sandy beaches.

Beaches for dogs in Alicante: Mar y Montaña dog beach, Altea. Tony Seville

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this sea ​​and mountain beach Altea has always been frequented by dog ​​bathers, but since 2016 it has officially allowed pets. dir-dir Altea dog beach It consists of rocks and is located near the Villa Gadea urbanization. Its waters are generally calm and there is parking nearby.