Skvortsova announced an increase in the number of patients with neurological disorders after COVID-19.

Veronika Skvortsova, head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA), said that the number of patients with neurological disorders is increasing after COVID-19 diseases. that quote DEA News”.

According to him, the most common neurological symptoms after contracting a coronavirus are asthenia (85%), cerebral palsy (81%), and headache (68%).

“The severe course of the infection contributes to proinflammatory changes, disorders of the blood coagulation system, and damage to the microvascular bed. Therefore, there is often a combination of COVID-19 and cerebrovascular accidents, including strokes,” Skvortsova said on the sidelines of SPIEF.

Formerly Skvortsova saidThe new Russian coronavirus vaccine is almost equally effective against all strains of coronavirus, including “Convasel”, “omicron” and its subtypes. According to him, “omicron-latent” differs from other strains by 28 mutations.

Source: Gazeta


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