The Investigative Committee has completed the investigation into the crimes of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian investigators have completed the investigation of the criminal case against senior lieutenant Serhiy Batynsky, a political officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), accused of murdering a man in Mariupol, raping his wife and torturing two more prisoners. This has been reported TASSciting a law enforcement source.

According to him, this Ukrainian soldier was accused of new statements in the final version after a conflict with the victim. the sea is already Confessed in what he does.

According to the source, in the near future the case will be sent to the supervisory authority for approval of the indictment.

With data In the investigation, in early April 2022, Batynsky, along with his colleagues, captured two Ukrainian citizens trying to evacuate the city, a man and a woman who identified themselves as wives. Placing them in the basement, Batynsky raped a woman while intoxicated and shot a man who was trying to stop her.

Formerly RF IC Completed Preliminary investigation in a criminal case against Major Roman Pryimak, head of the support services service of the military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine A-0536.

Source: Gazeta


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