WSJ: Russia conducted a series of operations against the US-led coalition in Syria

He is concerned about the actions of the Russian Federation in Syria, which allegedly carried out a series of operations against the coalition led by the United States. The newspaper writes about it Wall Street JournalWith reference to American officials.

Authorities claim that the Russian Armed Forces carried out a number of operations this month, including an operation this week on a strategically located base in the southern part of the Middle Eastern country. According to sources, the Russian armed forces carried out an airstrike on a garrison southeast of the PA, near the Syrian border, where US troops were training local militants.

According to the publication, Moscow informed Washington about the attacks through a hotline set up several years ago in response to an alleged attack on Syrian government forces. This alert indicated that US forces were not the target of the attack, but that the Russian military was “following the US mission in Syria.” According to the publication, the American Armed Forces were not near the base at the time of the attack, and there were no casualties between the US military and the coalition. However, the article states that the actions of the Russian Federation have “alarmed the US military, who are concerned that a miscalculation could degenerate into an unintentional conflict” between Russian and US forces in Syria.

Dana Strowl, Former Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East statedThe USA calls on Russia not to allow provocations in Syria.

Source: Gazeta


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