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They threaten to launch another transport strike in July


The drums of a new strike in the trucking industry are beating again. this Platform for Defense of Goods Transport It is examining the re-activation of mobilization between March and April, a shutdown that could resume from 1 July if its supporters decide at a consultation on 26 June. This was reported to this newspaper by the sources of this group. will be done precisely Zaragoza an assembly with the participation of its national leader, Manuel Hernández. They will then hold a protest rally in Plaza del Pilar.

This organization held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Transport last Thursday to directly report and analyze their demands. Fulfillment of commitments made two months ago by the branch minister Raquel Sánchez when the previous mobilization ended.

Against the background of the conflict they most Huge fuel prices that continue to rise and are already more valuable than they were before April 1, when the 20-cent discount began to apply. Even with public assistance, the cost of diesel is higher than when the previous strike broke out.

A law banning contracting at a loss is pending

Again, final decision on the call for a new strike According to the platform, it is basically a system that takes effect before June 30. law or decree that prohibits contracting to the detriment in the industry to “eliminate malicious malpractices” between shippers and shippers, one of the measures the ministry has committed to promoting when the previous strike ends.

“They are transferring from the ministry to work on all our claims. and they say that it is only a matter of time before every measure is effective in our activity,” the organization said in a statement, adding, “The measure that worries them the most is the law in question. they find that they are currently working”.

The trucker organization, faced with the “ignorance of the exact history”, which will enlighten the rule of loss prohibition, “It’s impossible for us to reconsider resuming activity in the coming months.” Therefore, the Platform A consultation between bases on 26 June on the revival of unemployment.

“carriers we’re finally tired of ineffective promises and despite the publicity that the National Transport Committee plans to sell, as the main influencers, they point out how abandoned we have been, “the voice and personality of the people on the road,” from the Platform, which states that it never ends in financial terms.

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