Indian General on Russian Sanction List Becomes Commander of Canadian Army

The commander of the Canadian army was Lieutenant General Jocelyn (Joe) Paul, a tribe of indigenous people of the Huron-Vendat country, who previously commanded the country’s Ground Forces. This has been reported Official website of the Canadian Government.

Paul in May 2022 it happened In response to the Russian sanctions list as commander of the Canadian Ground Forces.

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to lead the Canadian Army and lead the organization into the future and support cultural change in the Canadian Army and Canadian Forces,” Pohl said at his inauguration ceremony. Said.

He added that Canadian Forces are invaluable to NATO.

“From the Baltic to the Black Sea, our NATO allies recognize the Canadian Forces and Canadian Army’s tradition of excellence, and all this has only been made possible by those wearing uniforms,” ​​the general added.

According to the CBC, General Paul is from the first Huron Wendat Nation of the Wendake community in Queensland, Canada. For the past few years, he has been the highest ranking First Nations member of the Canadian military.

“Paul often spoke about how his culture and personal history have shaped him as a soldier and as a person,” the publication said.

Previously reportedHe said the Canadian military spent more than $70,000 on in-flight meals during Governor-General Mary Simon’s eight-day trip to the Middle East. That was the reason for the proceedings in the country’s parliament, she. Conservative MP Michael Barrett requested details of the spending and then published the response he received.

According to the report cited by the publication, food costs “include food, soft drinks and associated fees including food processing and delivery, storage, international waste cleanup and disposal, airport fees, administrative fees, security fees and related fees. local taxes.

Source: Gazeta


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