He and a girl sitting on the roof investigate a man who is driving recklessly around Marbella.

Malaga Traffic Civil Guard placed on the driver A few days ago a man was traveling along the A-7 in Marbella. young man sitting on the roofis also defined and sanctioned. As reported by Malaga Command this Friday, agents of the Traffic sub-sector began investigating after two videos of the young woman’s body appeared on social networks, showing a large part of the young woman’s body outside the vehicle. from the sunroof by the highway and a roundabout.

After the steps taken, the agents managed to locate and identify it. vehicle driver, 32-year-old malecontinued his prosecution and investigations. Research as the alleged author offense against road safety due to reckless drivingpunished with imprisonment from six months to two years and deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for one to six years.

The investigation concludes: the vehicle has traveled at least three kilometers Along the A-7 motorway, with the user sitting on the roof ” obvious projection and risk of falling out In the event of braking or sudden movement of the vehicle, where the driver has not taken any action to avoid the risk situation”.

A The girl in the bikini was also identified. Complaint was filed due to violation of General Traffic Regulation. traffic accident.

Source: Informacion


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