Workers intensify inspections in agriculture, construction and accommodation sectors due to heat wave

this Ministry of Labor announced this Friday that the Audit’s specific plan has been implemented to deal with risks from exposure to high temperatures. The sectors that the ‘labor police’ will focus on are: farming, building and hostel, where there is a greater risk of sunstroke, burns, heat stroke or other derivatives due to the nature of the activity. Penalties to be given to companies that do not comply with the regulations regarding the prevention of occupational risks, €2,451minimum up to €983,736most serious.

Labor inspectors already include the inspection of labor inspectors in their usual routine. risk prevention. Especially in summer when temperatures rise and the probability of accidents related to this meteorological event increases. In 2021, there were a total of 7,038 recorded accidents related to burns during the year, and 234 other claims directly related to extreme temperatures, light and radiation. Between both cases they added five fatal accidentsAccording to data compiled by the Ministry of Labor. But in the face of the heatwave, second vice president Yolanda Díaz announced a strengthening of the supervisory activity in this area.

One of the usual resources in these schemes, and one that will apply now, is the mass mailing of letters to companies in heat-prone industries reminding employers of their duty to prevent risk. Concrete Job will send 115,000 cards to accommodation companies, waste collection or other “outdoor business” not specified by the Ministry.

The points that the inspection usually reviews in its activities, time the duration of the working day so that both the agreed hours are not exceeded, and the agreed breaks and hydration breaks are observed. In addition, employees should have personal protective equipment (PPE), hats, protective creams and suitable work clothes, among others.

Source: Informacion


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