Staff shortages take air traffic under control this summer

this lack of staff threatening air traffic in europe This summer. this gatwick airports (London) and Schiphol (Amsterdam) announced this Friday that due to high passenger demand, airlines and ground operators will reduce the number of flights in the middle of the high season due to staff shortages, according to statements from both sides. Gatwick Airport will gradually increase its air capacity, which started with 825 daily flights in July and reached 850 daily flights in August, on the pretext of providing passengers with a “more reliable and higher quality” service experience. Amsterdam airport noted that the maximum number of departing passengers per day varies, reaching up to 67,500 in July and 72,500 in August on the busiest days.

this Spanish airports They also face these challenges: overcrowded. President of the Airline Association (WITH), Javier gandaracalled for “a necessary streamlining of passport controls at airports” to avoid airport congestion. The government has announced supplements but fears they will not be enough in the tourism sector. Association of Institutional Specialized Travel Agencies (Cave), has requested urgent action from the Ministry of the Interior amid “concern” that 500 troop reinforcements for airport entry and passport control this summer are “inadequate” to “prevent a crash” this summer.

Queues formed at Madrid Airport for more than three hours at times. at Terminal 1 The situation is complicated by a thousand people queuing at Barcelona Airport, especially when checks are made at one of the side entrances and automatic systems are blocked.

this Spanish Tourism Board condemned the airports Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife Sur, Malaga and Valencia “support the misfortune passenger show” Line up for hours and lose contact because there aren’t enough police at passport control points.

Iberia He even calculated that the collapse in the passport control area of ​​the Barajas T4 terminal affected around 15,000 between March and May.

Between the shortage of staff at border controls and the lack of airline and airport personnel to serve passengers, it’s a complicated summer season with more queues, delays and last-minute cancellations.

Open reduced flight supplyStewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport, said the vast majority of flights will operate normally during the summer, and the measures taken today mean “passengers can expect a more reliable and higher level of service”. Dick Benschop, Schiphol’s CEO, acknowledged that a lot can be done at Schiphol this summer, but “not everything is possible”. “This measure ensures that the vast majority of passengers can travel safely and reliably from Schiphol,” he added.

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