It has won more than 75 awards, received more than 150 nominations and Grammy nominations. We talk about how it could have been otherwise. prince royce. The American singer (despite the Dominican origin) has been gaining popularity in our country for many years. In this article, we show you some of his most surprising curiosities.

A life full of achievements and anecdotes

From his difficult beginnings to his current aspirations, the Latin singer has many traits. We review some surprising facts that we were able to learn from his interviews.

1. An artistic childhood

Translator from a very young age give you a kiss started writing poetry. This triggered him to discover his artistic talents, and he soon began writing lyrics. It took just three more to flash back to the past at age 13 and choose the stage name we all know today.

2. Beginnings are never easy

Most superstars have worked hard to get to where they are today. As he himself admitted in an interview a few years ago, his goal was always to be an independent person. Like this, cleared tables and sold cell phones to earn money. This allowed him to finance his first sessions in the recording studio.

3. Outstanding debut performance

Far from the concert halls where other stars began, the author’s Path It had a strange beginning. He explained this himself in an interview where he reviewed his origins. He was in school, in elementary school, and was nothing more than singing a Christmas carol. Undoubtedly, a species far from the bachata that characterizes it.

4. Had to turn a deaf ear

Fortunately, he had a lot of support in the years when he first started out in the music world. But there were also voices that tried to discourage him by warning him. «I went crazy because I wanted to sing bachata». In those years (we are talking about the early 2000s), the genre did not have the popularity it has today.

5. The “true” meaning of your name

When he started music, he did so with his real name, Royce. Soon after, people ironically associated him with the luxury car brand, something that didn’t convince him. Having learned its meaning (in French, he distinguished the king’s son), he decided to include the nickname Prince.

6. He is very grateful to his mother

Those who knew him say that he did not forget his origin and fame did not change him. The proof of this was that she knew how to thank her mother for all her support. He dreamed of running a beauty center all his life, something your son did came true when you start making money.

7. A fulfilled life goal

In 2013, Royce succeeded in making one of his dreams come true. After becoming a fan of the artist Selena Gómez, she managed to record a song with him. His name I miss you already, but unfortunately they were not found in the study. Instead, they each individually recorded their own part and mixed in the studio, a common occurrence in the contemporary industry.

Definitely, Prince Royce shows a curious trajectory as well as promising. Her international tour is about to end, her next destinations are Paris and the Netherlands. However, it will also be in Madrid as part of the Botanical Nights. All this as part of a celebration of his 10-year career, celebrated by a round date and his followers.

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