Minister Sira Rego condemns “living genocide against the Palestinian people”

Minister of Youth and Children, Sira Regothis Thursday he condemned the “lack of empathy and involvement of the international community”. Loopdefined as “Living genocide of the Palestinian people“.

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Palestine Francesca Albanese and MEP of the European Parliament at an event at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Madrid United Left Manu Pineda, Rego, stated that part of his father’s family lived in the West Bank and had a very close relationship with this punished part of the planet.

The Minister reminded that he went to Turkey for the first time Palestine As a child, he had the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the hardships that Palestinians and their families endure on a regular basis. “I was searched and stripped naked at the border,” he said, and continued: “Even though the years have passed, I can never forget the humiliation I felt.”

Stunned during his latest visit to the West Bank In recent years, “continued aggression by settlers and the Israeli government” had taken a toll on the physical and emotional health of family members.. “Their lives are so hard,” he said. “My brothers and sisters studying in Jerusalem cannot enter now. They are normal people whose lives have been made impossible by the Israeli government.”

The minister regretted it. lack of international participation to broker a truce in a warAccording to UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese, Israel Committed ‘war crimes’ Because “the principles of proportionality of military action and the protection of civilians are not respected.”

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