In his speech on the energy transition, Ribera accused Imaz (Repsol) of “denialism” and stupidity

Teresa Ribera, the government’s third vice president and minister responsible for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, accused Repsol CEO Josu Jon Imaz of defending a speech made by. “denialism and reactionism” On how Europe is addressing the energy transition to combat climate change.

In the statements made to La Sexta by Europa Press, Ribera assured Imaz that he has “great respect”But he stressed that he found his message calling for rethinking the energy transition “increasingly disappointing” and “populist.”

The Minister thus touched upon the following point: executive intervention repsol At a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland)The executive assessed that Europe’s approach to decarbonisation was based on an “ideological approach” to the ecological transition and insisted on the need to “rethink” energy policy.

In this context, Ribera said, “if there is one thing that is clear, it is the impact of the burning of hydrocarbons and fossil fuels” on “our quality of life or extreme weather events” as well as on climate security. “There are thousands, billions of deaths every year in the world,” he said.

Therefore, he accused Imaz of questioning “in a much more subtle, demagogic, populist way.”counter policies climate change, “Of course, in this transformation process, some things do not change from day to day.”

“I wish it could be much faster, much more agile, but we are economies that are dependent on fossil fuels and break this dependence, as in many addictions. It must be gradual, we must take advantage of the processes of change. Let us create opportunities, but let us also guarantee the security of people in energy supply, because energy is the key.” It is not an end in itself, but the well-being of our homes.” he added.

He therefore described the Repsol CEO’s comment as “relevant” to creating a backlash against policies to combat climate change.

“Unfortunately, even though he personally knows that policies to combat climate change are necessary, this is a classic form of denialism and idiotism and, as I said, something I would never expect from a man like Josu Jon Imaz,” he said. He also adds that the manager “used information in a perverse way.”

“Of course their refineries are efficient, of course they maintain environmental standards in line with current legislation and the quality of employment of their employees, I think that’s very clear. But I also think he knows that we need to break away from fossil fuels and even 200 countries, including the big producers in the world and of course the big energy consumers They came to the same conclusion. Dubai COP just a month ago,” he emphasized.

Likewise, he regretted that Imaz advocated “a form of technological neutrality, as if technologies that continue to emit greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels were possible.”

“That’s ridiculous. It seems to me that this is first and foremost a word exercise, and I don’t think it’s about playing with words, it’s about sitting down and working to make it happen.”

Imaz defends “inclusive” vision of transition

Repsol’s CEO was recently revealed as one of the following: The most critical voices from the business world against their policies State, especially in the face of the special tax on energy companies, which is valid for 2023 and 2024 and will be continued, albeit with a different design, to include reinvestment incentives in the Budgets.

In his speech at the Davos forum, Imaz stated that “it is important to have a comprehensive and inclusive vision of the transition.” “Otherwise we will fail,” he said.

In this sense, Warns industrial jobs are ‘under threat’ He gave as an example how Repsol, which owns five refineries in Spain, considers decarbonisation that is no longer necessary and is not imminent, leading to the destruction of jobs or less and lower quality production, with these messages being able to think.

“We need to decarbonize the world, that’s true, but decarbonization does not mean electrification. That’s not true. Electrification is an important part of it and we are part of that electrification process,” he said.

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