this fruit of dradon is a fruit of origin tropical Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya or jerky tuna. Until recently, this exotic fruit was not well known in our country, but day by day it started to appear on the shelves of greengrocers and supermarkets. Both the exterior and interior are very striking. What most people don’t know is herb whoever bears these fruits also bears some Beautiful flowers and most importantly, possible grow at home and get your own dragon fruits. Next, we’ll give you all the details so you can grow it in your own pot. herb pitahaya and enjoy Flowers and its precious fruits when it’s time to harvest.


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How to grow dragon fruit at home?

Growing a pitahaya or dragon fruit plant in a pot pretty simple. Since it is a tropical plant that loves heat, you should do it in summer. You can do pgrow dragon fruit at home in two different ways seeds or by the most recommended segments.

Pitahaya also has beautiful flowers pixabay

First of all, you should choose a cutting in the nursery and plant it in a large pot with a good drainage system. As we have said before that this plant loves heat, it is a good option to keep it indoors in the winter and to take it out to the balcony during the warmer months. When inside the house, place it in a sunny, warm place that is not too humid.

First the flowers, then the fruits

After planting, you need to wait a few months for the plant to bear fruit. It is usually in the summer. But do not despair, because the wait will be shorter because it will bloom before it bears fruit. This usually happens when the plant is already at least a year old.

The fruit of Pitahaya is very exotic. pixabay

The care that the pitahaya plant needs

We’ve told you before that it’s nurturing. Pitahaya plant in a pot inside the house is not very complicated. We will give you a few steps to care for the plant.

It is in the same family as the dragon fruit plant. Cactus so it doesn’t need a lot of water to survive. The key is to water only when the soil is already dry. In winter, watering once a week or once every ten days will suffice. Increase the risks as the warmer months arrive. You will need to water twice a week in the spring and up to three in the summer.

fruit of Pitahaya pixabay

Always look at the condition of the land to know when it’s time to water. Of course, you should always be very careful so that roots do not hold wateras the plant may rot.

Apart from watering, this plant does not need much care. If you wish, you can make it more vigorous by putting some liquid fertilizer on it.

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It is quite a hardy plant but can be attacked by some pests, so be careful not to have insects.