Israel celebrates ‘world’s saddest birthday’ for youngest hostage in Gaza

The blue of the Israeli sky will once again turn orange. Dozens of balls of the same color rise with hope Kfir Bibayoungest hostage HamasLet them see that they haven’t forgotten you at home. After that captivity for more than 100 daysThe first birthday of the red-haired Argentinian-Israeli baby once again united the whole country. Her great aunt’s broken cry, Edith SilbermanIn the middle of the famous Plaza de los Cautivos Tel Aviv It represents the pain of the hundred families whose loved ones have not yet been released. “We only live to try let’s do our best so they can come back,” he told this newspaper in Spanish with a distinct Argentinian accent. His nephew said Shiri BibasThe 32-year-old was kidnapped with his wife on October 7. Garden34 years old and his children Ariel, 4 and Kfir was nine months old at the time. Before that tragic Saturday, no one could have imagined that the little boy would fulfill his purpose. first year of life prisoner.

Kfir Biba’s face is present in every corner Israel, as a reminder of his ordeal. The same thing that the country shares depending on its fate 136 hostages These are said to still be in the hands of Hamas. Israel confirmed this 27 of them died and some of their bodies would be in the hands of Palestinian militias. The baby’s childish gaze and small mouth scold passers-by who dare to doubt that he is still alive. In late November, Hamas, Kfir, Ariel and Shiri was bombed and killed Israel during the ongoing war Loop. His father, Yarden, would survive, as they were separated at the beginning of the captivity. The next day, the Palestinian group released a video informing Yarden that his family was allegedly dead. “[El primer ministro israelí Binyamín Netanyahu], you bombed my family“He killed my wife and children,” the distraught father reproached between tears.

Party without birthday kids

The Israeli Government did not confirm the allegations, which the Islamist group described as “cruel” and described them as “psychological fear“. He did not confirm that it was so either. Hamas which points to another group that holds Bibas in captivity, but is not specified. Perhaps the use of such “psychological warfare” terminology is currently the only common ground between Israeli leaders and the families of prisoners. Among them, there is an emotion that activates from the first moment: abandonment and lack of protection. “The only ray of light we have in this whole tragedy public support “From the outside and, of course, from the Israeli people,” he said, congratulating Silberman, who lost his brother and aunt on October 7. Kibbutz Nir Oz. There, relatives of Kfir, a nursery, celebrated “the world’s saddest birthday” this week without the birthday boy.

“We are celebrating your birthday” a child who is not here; We bake him a cake, put balloons, photos, blessings, etc., but he’s not here anymore; This is crazy,” Shiri’s cousin told Reuters. Yosi Shnaider, devoted himself to activism for his return. More than three months after October 7, Nir Oz is frozen in time and trauma. one in four One in all 400 residents were killed or kidnapped and taken to Gaza that fateful day. More than half of those captured were women and children, some of whom were released at the end of November. During the six-day ceasefire, Hamas Release of 105 captured civilians in exchange for release 240 Palestinian prisoners These were women and children. Although the release of women and all minors was given priority in these negotiations, the surname Bibas was never mentioned.

“We have no life”

As Hamas explained at the time, offered to “hand over the bodies” The murder of the Bibas family and the release of his father to be buried with two Zionist prisoners” made the Israeli authorities “remain indifferent” to this offer. However, neither the Bibas family nor the Israeli public wanted to believe Bibas’ statements. He took Kfir and Ariel out of bed and kidnapped them. same as captives two kilometers from home. Shiri’s look of pure terror as she held her two children to her chest traveled around the world. We raised our flag with hope and determination, Forum for Relatives of Hostages and Missing Persons He continues to wear orange and throw balloons into the air for Kfir to see.

While the Israeli people continue their normal lives, the streets are decorated with the faces of missing citizens, voices asking for help as soon as possible begin to rise among relatives. stop the fire. They know how powerful their army is and that their loved ones may suffer the same fate. 10 thousand Palestinian children lost their lives According to the balance sheet of the Gaza Ministry of Health, due to bombings.

“Personally my life stopped “On October 7,” the “redheads’ great aunt” admitted as Silberman introduced herself. “My life, the life of my family, and the families of the kidnapped people, ended; “We have no life until they return,” he prayed. This Thursday, for the first time since the beginning of the war, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio GuterresHe met with some of the released prisoners in Davos. “I am everywhere remember the hostages “Any moment,” he said, and took out an ID card from his pocket requesting the release of the hostages.

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