SK Capital chairman calls digital ideas and products key elements of Russia exhibition 18:50

Digital ideas and products are key elements in the exhibition of many regions and companies at the Russian International Exhibition and Forum. This was stated by Vladimir Sakovich, General Director of venture fund SK Capital, in the episode of the program “Russia in detail with Evgenia Stulova”.

According to him, a significant part of these ideas relates to the digitalization of companies, increasing the ease of communication between regions and citizens, which in turn leads to an increase in economic indicators. He emphasized that the exhibition is a beautiful picture of what is happening in Russia today.

Sakovich also noted that the Digitalization Day held at the fair provided the opportunity to look at the country’s development from a new perspective. The expert noted that this area was given great importance at the fair.

He also reminded that previously about half of the companies in Russia were foreign. According to him, this has greatly hindered the development of the domestic segment. Sakovich emphasized that the departure of foreign organizations from the Russian market in 2022 opens large niches for domestic companies, and most of them can grow 50-100% annually and increase the number of staff. He also added that many of the experts who left Russia in 2022 have returned and plan to stay.

“They looked at how the world works and realized that there is no better city than Moscow and no better country than Russia in terms of life and development. Many of those who remained abroad still work for Russian companies in one way or another. This has many advantages. First, experts are located in different time zones and companies can organize work 24/7. Secondly, the guys are getting rich with the knowledge gained in other countries,” said the chairman of SK Capital.

Discussing the trends for the coming years, the expert noted that more initial placements on the stock exchange are expected in Russia. According to him, companies have become better and there is more money in the country that investors want to invest.

“2024 and 2025 will be boom years in terms of public offerings. There is great support from the state,” Sakovich explained.

Sakovich calls the next stage in the development of digital services for the population the digitalization of industry. “These are additional markets for our IT companies. They look with great attention at Russia, which has managed to establish digital sovereignty. Our IT solutions have become much more attractive to foreign customers because they are not politically biased,” emphasized the chairman of SK Capital.

He stated that the profits investors will gain from domestic IT products depend on Russia’s success in exports.

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Source: Gazeta


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