Hiker injured after falling into human trap in Monforte del Cid

Human traps against those who do sports in nature. It looks like a Series B movie script, but it’s completely real, occurring as a result of an injury in Monforte del Cid, in the mountainous region of Alenda-Orito.

victim, a 41 year old manWhile navigating one of the rural routes in the Monfort district of Orito, he felt a sharp pain in the sole of his right foot.

When he stopped to check what he was pressing, he realized something was up. human trap. It is made of a wooden board fixed to the ground by two large metal supports, from which the other end protrudes. a dozen nails a few centimeters long under the influence of atmospheric conditions, rusty.

Human trap placed on a road in the mountainous region of Orito-Alenda. INFORMATION

Also, the homemade mechanism perfectly camouflaged on the road and hidden in the ground intentionally not to be seen by walkers or runners. And that’s exactly what happened to the hiker who got trapped last Tuesday afternoon. He was running at the time and one of the nails had landed on his foot.

After removing the primordial trap to prevent injury to other people, he went to the hospital where he received the first treatments and was given to him. tetanus vaccine.

The facts were reported to the prosecutor’s office Elche National Police and Monforte del Cid Local Police and one has already opened Research identifying facts and trying to identify the author or authors.

In this case one has been crime of injury however, if a cyclist had fallen as a result of the trap, the result could have been much more serious.

It is also a very popular area with mountain sports fans as well as nature lovers, due to its proximity to the city of Alicante, its good connection with the A-31 motorway in Madrid and its proximity to the San Pascual cave. in the heart of Orito Sierra of Eagles, Its summit offers an expansive panoramic view of the Alicante coast and neighboring counties. l’Alacantí and Central and Baix Vinalopó.

Cyclists in the Sierra del Cid

Cyclists also suffered mountain roads of the province vandalism of an anonymous nature in the last few years.

In November 2022, this newspaper reported that for the second month in a row, one or more people had dedicated themselves to throwing. nails on the way Petrer in the Sierra del Cid-Chaparrales. This was reported by several cycling enthusiasts after blowing out a wheel or two of their bike passing through the nearby area Rise of the Chaparrals. There were even a few cases of runners getting stuck in their shoes and causing minor injuries to the ball of their feet.

In the first week of October 2020, several cyclists warned of the presence of spikes in this residential area located in the Sierra del Cid and Maigmó Protected Landscape. Especially when climbing a fir tree. Many cyclists suffered then holes and warned of the danger of falling entailed by irresponsible and uncivilized action. Especially in case of puncture at full descent.

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