Fake sports physiotherapist arrested for molesting an underage child in Alicante

this Civil Guard of the Murcia stoped Alicante to a 43-year-old man posing as sports physiotherapist sexually abusing a minor. According to sources from this institution, the person currently in detention is accused of sexually abusing children under the age of 16 and of professional trespassing.

The operation began days ago when the father of a minor boy informed the Murcia Civil Guard that he was accompanying his son to a sporting event he was attending, and that at that location, a man was involved. junior who claims to be an expert in youth sports physiotherapy.

On the pretext of doing a little promotional photos of the academy He had physical therapy, gained his trust and took him to the locker room without his father’s knowledge, then undress himcreams applied and taking advantage of this situation sexually abusing her apparently while recording the scene with a cell phone placed in his backpack.

According to sources, the father tried to explain what happened with the so-called physiotherapist, jumped out your place.

Investigators from Benemérita identified him and devoid of any degree He advertised in social networks with detailed advertisements to work as a physiotherapist.

Civil guards learned that after learning that he had admitted to other sporting events, the suspect’s behavior towards their children caused unease in the parents of the young athletes who detected some abnormal behavior.

The outcome of the investigation was brought to the attention of the judicial authority that issued the relevant entry order and Registration at your address in Alicantewhere agents found a cell phone, several computers and various devices, and digital information storage material analyzed by experts in the area. Civil Guard New Technologies Department.

Operation ‘Raufi’, which remained open, allowed the arrest of a 43-year-old Hispanic man as the alleged perpetrator of the offenses of sexual abuse of minors and occupational interference.

Source: Informacion


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