Consell covers 100% of applications made by young people to buy a home

Susana Camarero, second vice president and Minister of Social Services, Equality and Housing, emphasized: “The Generalitat’s expansion of the housing aid budget for young people, approved in December, allowed a total of 465 people who applied and met the requirements to receive assistance. get a house. This represents 43% more beneficiaries than in the previous call.”

The Official Gazette of Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV) published the second decision of the Second Vice Presidency and the Department of Social Services, Equality and Housing. Home acquisition assistance for people under the age of 35 in municipalities with a population of up to 10,000 or at risk of population decline.

This decision is added to two other decisions published yesterday in DOGV regarding the granting of assistance corresponding to the 2023 Youth Rental Bonus. The Generalitat’s loan increase of 6.4 million euros allowed the number of people benefiting from rental assistance to increase by 30 people. % compared to 2022 call.

“These measures, together with other measures such as the allocation of special housing for young people in Sociópolis, show that: This Council’s firm and genuine commitment to facilitate access to housing for this group. “We will continue to work in this vein throughout the legislature,” the vice president said.

On December 20, DOGV published the first decision providing assistance for the acquisition of housing worth 1,590,621 euros to 208 people.. However, the decision included the rejection of 257 applications because, although they met the conditions specified in the aid instruction, they could not be met due to the exhaustion of the budget, which was determined as 1.6 million euros following the cooperation agreement signed between the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Transport. , Mobility and Urban Agenda and Second Vice Presidency. Of the total amount, 1,400,000 Euros corresponded to the Ministry and the remaining 200,000 Euros to the Generalitat.

“Given the commitment of the Government of Valencia to facilitate young people’s access to housing, on 19 December Consell’s general assembly approved an increase of the Second Vice-Presidential budget line by 2.4 million euros To bring this aid to as many young people as possible,” explained Susana Camarero.

The maximum total amount of aid to be awarded as a result of this extension has been increased by 2,400,000 euros from the Generalitat’s contribution. A total of 4,000,000 Euros, of which 1,400,000 Euros will be contributed by the Ministry and 2,600,000 Euros will be contributed by the Generalitat..

The data they released contradicts the 2022 call, in which 201 grants worth €1,498,000 were awarded to young people. Therefore, the total amount of the 2023 budget expansion call was 3,990,000 euros; this represents €2,4982,000 more than the aid given to young people to buy housing in 2023; This is 37.54% more than in 2022.

Thanks to this budget expansion, this second decision provides for the provision of assistance in the amount of 2,017,951 euros to 257 applications that were initially left unattended due to lack of funding.

These benefits are included in the Assistance Program for young people within the scope of the State Plan on access to housing for 2022-2025, the method of obtaining habitual and permanent housing under ownership.

The second vice president emphasized: These subsidies “help emancipate young people, but also combat the depopulation experienced by many municipalities in the Community.””.


In this call, Ordinary home purchases are financed from January 1, 202220% with a limit of 10,800 euros and the purchase value of the house cannot exceed 120,000 euros. Likewise, the population of the municipalities where you can buy a house increases from 5,000 to 10,000.

Assistance is granted to persons whose purchase and sale contract is awaiting formalization when they apply for assistance for a house located in a rural municipality or in the population center of the Community. They must be of legal age and under 35 years of age., who is not a homeowner, has a purchase contract and has an income equal to or less than 3 IPREM. If it concerns persons with disabilities, this threshold will be 4 times the IPREM.

Scale taken into account the house being in a municipality with a risk of population decline, the income and special circumstances of the applicants. These include single-parent, large families, functional diversity; Those who are victims of eviction or foreclosure; victims of gender-based violence, terrorism or previously protected youth, among others.

After this, Beneficiaries have a period of three months to apply for payment of the benefit. It is issued together with the public promissory note or the private purchase and sale agreement. Similarly, assistance provided as part of the payment must also be stated in the promissory note, unless the purchase occurs before the appeal for assistance and after January 1, 2022; In this case, it will not be mandatory for the assistance provided to appear in the private contract. or public procurement deed.

The decision is also published on the portal. Applicants who have provided their mobile phone number may be notified via SMS text message that the final list has been published and can seek personalized prediction or reasoned rejection of their application. Likewise, its publication in the DOGV will replace the individual notification of the decision in accordance with the Common Administrative Procedure legislation.

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