Government of Catalonia and Generalitat continue El Prat airport negotiations low-profile and without offers

Government and Generalitat of Catalonia Negotiations regarding its future will continue this Thursday Barcelona-El Pra airportThis was set aside in September 2021 due to accusations at the highest level even from presidents. Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragones They threw darts at each other. Thus, representatives of the two administrations will officially meet at the headquarters of the Territori Department. technical commission has to address the future of this infrastructure. Of course, this will be the resumption of contacts low profile: Neither councilors nor ministers will be present at the meeting, and neither executive plans to make a presentation your official offer About the future of the airport.

This low-profile reboot is explained because it always happens. a sensitive issueespecially for the Generalitat, and no one is in a hurry to show their cards. Aragonese He is in favor of “modernising” the airport facilities, but avoids the word “expansion” as he rejects the extension of the runway closest to the sea on the grounds that it would have an environmental impact on the La Ricarda lagoon. The real problem with the failed negotiations in 2021 was this: The whole debate revolved around this. environmental problem and this wore out the Government. Additionally, the ERC was divided on this issue. While some of the party supported reforming the airport, others expressed their doubts.

For this reason, Generalitat’s resources They explained to El Periódico de Catalunya of the Prensa Ibérica group that this Thursday’s meeting will be “a status meeting between the two administrations” and that they will discuss it at this meeting. Methodology This commission needs to follow up in order to carry out its work from now on. In short, no one is in a hurry to define it for now. a concrete offer. The Generalitat’s highest representative is expected to be the President of Catalonia Airports. Daniel AlbalateWhile the Director General of Civil Aviation was approved by the government, David Benito.

Guaranteed from Plaza de Sant Jaume that they are currently working on it your own offerbut they think it’s too early to announce this. A proposal that does not include the extension of the sea-facing road. highlights Aragones– but to improve the road facing the mountain. So, this is what has been modified to have more intercontinental flights. The Generalitat would also welcome a new terminal, which has been projected several times in the past but has not yet been implemented. was executed.

Although the Catalan manager does not plan to make his offer official, he will put it on the table three themes He thinks the contacts should rotate. First, request The Generalitat is responsible for the management of the main operation Catalan airports. Second, capacity increase intercontinental flights And finally, all of these “protection” From the natural areas of the Llobregat Delta.

Relations with PSC

The meeting held this Thursday in the Territori Department should also be read from this perspective: definitely Catalan politics. With the airport technical commission becoming operational, government Will comply with one of the conditions received from PSC 2023 budgets. Therefore, the Palau de la Generalitat comments that the implementation of the commission should also serve the service. to soften it a little more The agreement on the 2024 budget is still up in the air.

leader of the socialists Salvador IllaAnd Aragonese They met face to face last Friday to discuss the accounts. According to the Generalitat, this appointment signals that negotiations are progressing and socialists are willing to negotiate reissuing the agreement from a year ago. Although Illa was more cautious, she admitted last weekend that it was necessary to republish the agreement. it’s a possibility.

progress pressure

Although the airport commission starts working this Thursday low profileboth parties know they will have pressure to move forward. Evidence of this is that in the past year, many of its own proposals for enlargement have come from civil society, such as the proposal formulated. Introduction of Treball – and this involved extending the runway with pylons above La Ricarda – or the runway designed by a group of experts to build a runway over the sea. Moreover, PSC and Junts They have been putting pressure on the Parliament for a while now so that the government does not paralyze the issue.

Aragones faces luggage dispute 2021 conflict. There he was caught between two forces: those who blamed him for not being able to give up. State investment of $1.7 billion For such a stable infrastructure, those who accuse him of indulging in a meaningless developmentalism that harms society environment. Our goal this time will be to avoid entering this labyrinth with no exit again. So the first step would be to be proactive and have a concrete proposal to work on.

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