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This Iris Awardsprovides the following: Academy of Television Arts and SciencesIt’s quite a paradox that they celebrated their 25th anniversary without any network broadcasting the commemorative premiere. Will it be through channels? I have no desire to look bad to anyone. Much less stubborn with the head of the institution Maria Casado. But they won’t deny that something is wrong so they can’t find anyone to broadcast such an incident. Even regional television stations.

I followed the premiere carefully on YouTube. It was your best moment Pedro Piqueras, Lifetime earnings award. His speech was heartfelt, emotional, intelligent and measured, just like his son’s.

I disagree with most of the nominations, but it would be rude to point that out. By way of reference only, I will mention the award given to Amar es para siempre by television critics and the specialist press. The fact that a long-running daily soap is about to bid farewell may be a cause for praise or recognition, but I believe that film critics, just like film critics, need to take risks and champion the boldest or most daring formats. festivals and cinema do the same.

At this point in the 21st century a country There isn’t even a National Television Museum (The middle age in our country will be 70 in 2026) There isn’t even a Spanish Cinema Museum This clearly shows what involvement (if any) the Ministry of Culture has in the audiovisual sector, which it should prioritize in its deliberations. From Hermida to Mercero, from Ignacio Salas to Manuel Campo Vidal, scholars have done much for themselves. However, institutional participation is lacking.

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