Democracy is declining in an unprecedented number of rich countries, scientists say 01:33

American political scientists from Cornell University in New York state have announced a global decline in democracy around the world. It is observed in an unprecedented number of developed countries, once thought to be immune to such processes. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine World Politics (WP).

Experts analyzed incidents of rupture with democratic principles in nearly 40 countries, from Armenia to Zambia. Half of these states have exceeded the prosperity threshold beyond which, according to sociologists, advanced industrial democracies should not collapse.

Political scientists have noted that threats to democracy often arise not from coups, military attacks, or civil wars, but from autocratic leaders who use democratic institutions in the form of electoral commissions, legislatures, courts, and the media to consolidate executive power. According to scientists, such processes occur gradually.

The team identified four main ways to back away from democracy. The most common of these has proven to be executive takeover, whereby the incumbent executive gains control over democratic institutions, weakening the separation of powers system and limiting opposition. Similar things happened in Benin, Hungary, Nicaragua and Turkey.

The second way is the conspiracy of elites in which incumbent officials, loyal officials and corporate leaders win over opposition leaders and independent media. This process is observed in Indonesia, Guatemala and Peru.

The third path involves a “self-coup” in which a country’s leadership closes or neutralizes democratic institutions in order to centralize power and eliminate accountability. Tunisia was cited as an example of such a situation.

The fourth group is represented by countries that managed to stop the decline of democracy. Among these are Malawi and South Korea.

The researchers noted that the democratic nature of civil society, courts, legislatures, bureaucracies and media should never be underestimated. He must constantly improve to remain competent.

Previous scientists I learnedThe stability of states decreases with age.

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