Statkraft will develop the Zajuril renewable complex in Extremadura with a planned investment of 295 million euros

StatkraftEurope’s first renewable energy producer and world leader PPAswill develop in the province caceres (Estremadura) renewable complex Zajurilwill include four new photovoltaic solar power plants with total installed power of 492 megawatts (MW). To launch this, the company anticipates an investment of: 295 million euros.

This was announced by Statkraft’s managing director for Spain. José Miguel Ferrerduring the launch event Talayuela IIIt is the second renewable facility the company currently operates in Extremadura, located in the eponymous municipality of Cáceres. Ferrer assured: “Zajuril is a new example of Statkraft’s commitment to Extremadura, an important region for us and where we already operate two iconic facilities: Talayuela Solar and Talayuela II, which we inaugurate today. “Both are examples of how cooperation between companies and managements results in reference facilities with a large local component and integration of the region.”

Also present at the event Mercedes Morán, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, Government of Extremadura; Talayuela mayor Roberto Baños; and Norwegian Ambassador to Spain Nils Haugstveit.

In his speech, Morán emphasized that the energy sector, and especially renewable energy, is important. “A revolution and support” for Extremadura’s economy and social development. He suggested that the Government of Extremadura was looking for formulas that would ensure that “social benefits are the highest priority” for the towns where they are established, and that it is trying to reduce the cost of energy in municipalities and in the industries where it is intended to be implemented. We are grateful to Statkraft for its commitment to the region.

For his part, Baños commented: Renewable energies have a positive impactIn particular, he stated that “the electricity produced at Talayuela Solar and Talayuela II turns into employment.”

Especially the Zajuril renewable complex This facility will consist of the Pinea, Calzadilla, Ahigal-Cerezo and Guijo photovoltaic facilities, all of which are in the processing phase.:

  • Pinea photovoltaic plant: It will have an installed capacity of 150 MW and will be located in the municipalities of Coria and Guijo de Coria.
  • Calzadilla photovoltaic plant: Its installed capacity will be 114 MW and it will be located in the municipality of Cáceres with the same name.
  • Ahigal Cerez photovoltaic plantor: 137 MW installed power, the surface of the power plant will be distributed among the municipalities with the same name.
  • Guijo photovoltaic plant: It will be located in the towns of Guijo de Coria and Calzadilla and will be the smallest of the four with an installed capacity of 91 MW.

These four facilities are planned for 2028 and once they become operational It will produce enough energy to provide clean, domestic and affordable electricity to more than 340,000 homes every year. Additionally, its production from a renewable source such as the sun will prevent the release of 309,426 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The development of these projects is also Support for employment in the region. Including the construction phase of the facilities, The company estimates that 1,500 jobs will be created. Statkraft will prioritize hiring local companies and professionals whenever possible, as it strives to do in all its projects. In this case, he estimates that 600 of the 1,500 people may be from the region.

Statkraft is considering the Zajuril complex, as it has done with the two plants it has already built and operates in Extremadura (Talayuela Solar and Talayuela II). A reference point for economic, environmental and social sustainability.

From an environmental perspective, the company is currently working on designing measures that support the maintenance and protection of existing ecosystems, which not only protect but also contribute to improving biodiversity in an extremely valuable environment such as the Extremaduran rangelands.

Talayuela II: environmental sustainability and local development

The Talayuela II solar power plant, inaugurated this Wednesday, has an installed capacity of 55.2 MWp. By producing clean, domestic and affordable energy for approximately 34,000 families, it prevents the release of more than 20,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

Located in the municipality of Talayuela, the facility is located near the Talayuela Solar power plant. Built and operated by Statkraft, with which it shares infrastructure for energy evacuation.

For the development of this project; Statkraft allocated an investment of more than 34 million euros and led to the creation of more than 200 jobs during the construction phase. Additionally, as part of Statkraft’s commitment, local companies were also involved and the recruitment of local people was given priority: 69 Talayuela residents worked on the construction, while purchases from municipal companies have already exceeded 350,000 euros.

Statkraft has always achieved: Comprehensive monitoring for reuse and recycling of materials and generated waste With the aim of promoting the circular economy. It has been possible to recycle and recover 90% of the waste generated especially during the construction phase. This monitoring will continue to be carried out during the operation and maintenance phase as well as during the final dismantling phase.

From an environmental perspective, Statkraft An Environmental Integration Plan that includes actions aimed at minimizing impacts and promoting biodiversity conservation. In the Dehesa environment, all oaks are preserved and protected not only during the construction phase but also throughout the life of the project.

Other measures such as tree planting also stand out. a vegetation of native species along the fence; the construction of a 5,000 m² pond planned for this year to encourage the breeding of birds such as bee-eaters and diggers; assembly of nest boxes; shelters for owls, kestrels, reptiles and arthropods.

Innovation is also an important factor in Talayuela II: Statkraft recently received €2.5 million from the Government for a storage project at the facilitya will consist of the installation of a battery system. Specifically, these are batteries with an installed power of 21.6 MW and a discharge capacity of 2 hours, which will enable more efficient management of the power plant’s energy and increase security and supply guarantee. The company expects these to be operational in 2025.

Extremadura is a key region for Statkraft

Statkraft is strengthening its presence in this autonomous community following the connection of its second renewable plant and Confirms that Extremadura is one of the company’s main focuses of activity in our country.

Statkraft built and currently operates the neighboring Talayuela Solar Power plantIt has become a reference in the sustainable distribution of renewable energy resources in our country. With an installed capacity of 300 MW and numerous environmental measures implemented – more than 300 hectares of land dedicated to conservation, creating floating islands with vegetation to encourage the nesting of different species, installing perches for birds or building 25 shelters for reptiles – Talayuela Solar is awarded by UNEF It has the Sustainability Seal of Excellence, which certifies respect for the highest sustainability standards.

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