Ouigo will sell the first tickets from Madrid to Alicante and Valencia on June 30 for 9 euros

The “low cost” train between Madrid and Alicante is approaching. Company Ouigo will go on sale from June 30th (one From 9 Euros) of this high-speed train to be connected Madrid with Alicante and Valencia. It is also expected that the start dates of the remaining operations in the Community will be announced on the same day (whether there is a tunnel connecting the station will depend on this). Chamartin with Atocha it may or may not be operational by then).

According to sources from the rail sector, the train is expected to run between Madrid and Valencia and Alicante de Ouigo. live after summerhowever, the company can start operating earlier if the conditions are met.

The company held a press breakfast today where Hélène Valenzuela, managing director of Ouigo Spain, and Federico Pareja, director of commercial and marketing, will present the forthcoming proposal to the Valencian Community and announce the start date of operations. . As of June 30, ticket sales will also open.

Why only from Chamartín?

Ouigo trains could currently only operate from the train station. From Madrid-Chamartín to the Valencian Community. As detailed in the statement made by the company, the reason is that the trains work with trains. european standard security system (ERTMS), but in the section connecting the Atocha with the corridor leading to the Community Spanish historical security system (LZB) To Torrejón de Velasco, which “makes it impossible” for trains to run from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha to Valencia and Alicante.

In order for Ouigo to operate in this corridor, the developed infrastructure, the tunnel connecting Chamartín to Puerta de Atocha and equipped with the ERTMS system, must be operational. The tunnel has been completed, but some work is currently underway around it and its commissioning is awaiting permission from the State Railways Safety Agency (AESF).

Also, although the company has started training the train drivers on the Valencia route, it will have to train them later in this section and finish the homologation of the trains in this tunnel.

For all these reasons, Ouigo has announced that the tunnel has no date yet to be operational, and Adif has assured that it is “working as fast as possible” with AESF and other players. sector to “get there to Valencia as soon as possible”.

“We look forward to being able to deliver and be able to offer all the advantages that comes with liberalization. These advantages are already visible in the corridor between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with an average of 50% reductions in ticket prices, new profiles such as new ones. ‘ or greater decarbonisation of transport, among others.

Source: Informacion


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