The substance obtained from spider venom protects the heart from heart attack damage better than any drug. EHJ: The substance obtained from spider venom is close to being a cure for heart attacks 14:43

HI1A, a substance isolated from spider venom, may protect the heart from damage caused by stroke and heart attack. It also meets the basic requirements for drugs and can therefore be incorporated into medical practice. This has been demonstrated by a published preclinical study. European Heart Journal (EHJ).

HI1A found in spider venom for the first time hadronyche infensa It was discovered by Professor Glenn King from the University of Queensland. The research showed that the substance protects heart cells from damage caused by lack of oxygen during heart attack and stroke.

In a new study, scientists tested the substance on mice. In animals, HI1A did not cause problems with heart rhythm or blood pressure control, reduced heart cell loss during stroke and prevented heart failure.

Scientists found that HI1A was no less effective than the NHE inhibitor, the only cardioprotective drug to reach the third (final) phase of clinical trials. However, it could not be a cure due to side effects. In contrast, HI1A only interacts with cells in the damaged area and does not bind to healthy areas; This is thought to be associated with a lower likelihood of side effects in humans.

used to be a doctor saidIn these cases, nasal drops are dangerous for the heart.

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