Public Chamber proposes revitalization of Soviet sanatoriums to combat alcoholism 05:59

For the first time in ten years in Russia, according to Rosstat started to grow number of cases of alcohol addiction among citizens. Muslim Muslimov, a member of the Health Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and President of the National Association of Health Managers, said in an interview with Gazeta that the return of the practice of sanitary treatment can help solve this problem. Ru.

“The problem of impaired psycho-emotional state, which often causes people to resort to alcohol, lies both in external conditions and in ourselves. It is necessary to approach its solution comprehensively, which is the duty of both the state and society. It’s important to keep people engaged and give them the opportunity to start over. The first thing that needs to be done at the state level is to return to the practice of sanatorium-resort treatment popular in Soviet times. Every year, millions of citizens went to sanatoriums to regain their health and strength. Muslimov said that this condition really helps to effectively combat both physical and moral fatigue.

Another important issue, in his opinion, is the burnout syndrome that workers around the world, including Russians, are increasingly facing.

“It is no coincidence that the World Health Organization has officially included burnout syndrome in the list of the International Classification of Diseases. To recognize the symptoms of this syndrome, managers need to regularly monitor the condition of employees and train them in techniques for working with stress. The professional medical community can help in this matter,” said a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Another factor is within ourselves: People who have gotten used to holidaying abroad in recent years cannot always afford it in new realities.

“Prices at resorts in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and other destinations that Russians love have increased noticeably, so many people have stopped traveling altogether. But let’s take a closer look at the many advantages of domestic tourism: We need to explore the beautiful places in our country. Moreover, the prices of air tickets in Russia, even to the most remote corners, are noticeably lower than in most foreign destinations,” Muslimov concluded.

former narcologist listed Symptoms of the first stage of alcoholism.

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Source: Gazeta


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