Macron relies on labor reform and public spending cuts to restart his presidency

French president, Emmanuel MacronI bet you to get up to restart his declining second term. After composing a song new government The centrist leader, whose majority of ministers (8 out of 14) are from Sarkozy’s right, once again confirmed his conservative line for the new phase opened in this five-year period. Macron announced this Tuesday: new labor reform, cuts in public spending and possible liability uniform in schools. After a grim 2023 marked by unpopular pension reform and tough immigration legislation, the president is opting not to give his presidency a more social tone, hoping to satisfy the hard core of his voters about confronting the difficult situation. far right In the European elections.

One week after appointment Gabriel AttalAs prime minister, Macron, 34, detailed the policies the new Executive would implement in a nightly press conference at the Elysée that lasted more than two hours. Perhaps to avoid being overshadowed by Matignon’s new tenant (the head of the youngest government in the history of the Fifth Republic), the president delivered a more typical speech. general policy speech.

Without major announcements – an important thing given that this press conference was presented as a “major meeting with the nation” – this appearance served to outline the main directions of Macronist policy for the months and years to come. ideological bet clean: neoliberalism French style in economic terms (considerably less aggressive than the Anglo-Saxon style) and mostly conservative proposals on social issues.

“Encourage civilian rearmament”

“We must once again promote shared values ​​such as respect. civilian rearmament“Macron assured in the introduction part of the press conference, where he insisted on the idea of ​​”civilian rearmament”, which he had already repeated several times in his year-end speech. In order to support this “rearmament”, he argued”strengthen authority“In the country. To this end, the president announced further measures on the issue securityIt’s like organizing 10 police operations every week to combat it. drug trafficking.

Macron also promises the following on education issues: Strengthening “authority”. To do this, he advocated a proposal that would create controversy in the neighboring country: making uniforms compulsory in education centres. He stated that this year, trials will be carried out in 100 public schools to ensure that all students use the same uniform. “And if this experience is satisfactory, we will expand it to all centers in 2026.”

Moreover, the president showed himself in his favor. Learning from La MarseillaiseNational anthem, in public education and generalization Universal National Service – a controversial ‘military’ where there is no compulsory military training – from the age of 15. He also promised to take precautions edit “screen usage” —cell phones, tablets, video game consoles…— among minors. “Maybe there will be bans, maybe there will be restrictions,” he said about this complex issue, which will be examined by a commission of experts. He also claimed Policies to increase birth ratesThe combination of maternity leave with paternity leave (six months in total) comes after France last year recorded its lowest birth rate since the Second World War.

Public spending cuts and labor reform

This is proof that the Macron of 2024 is aging politically. So much so that journalists at the press conference accused him of defending an “old” vision. Even though its line changes socially, it remains the same economically. The centrist leader confirmed his desire to introduce a new labor reform that would include “tougher rules when the unemployed reject a job offer” and “better support for training”. He also talked about legislation that would eliminate red tape for this year and provide a 2 billion euro reduction in taxes for the “middle classes” in 2025. He argued there was “a cut at the core of this unnecessary Government spending”, without giving further details.

Perhaps these announcements will satisfy the Macronist electorate of retired voters and the wealthy classes, but it does not seem at all clear whether they will serve to give Macron new impetus. Even more so considering that it stands out for its absence of important announcements on social and ecological issues. Is this a sufficient Government document to deal with the situation, given the next European elections on 9 June? Time will show us.

According to the latest surveys, which should be approached with caution, National Regrouping (RN, far right) leads the polls this election with 28%; this is 10 points more than the Macronist coalition (18%). “I am not happy to see RN in first place in the polls,” Macron said when asked about the possibility of the ultra party coming to power. Marine Le Pen He will replace him at the Elysée in 2027.

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