Fashion has no age. We are used to hearing this sentence, but it is completely true and brands never get old. While we may associate some names with a particular style, the truth is that reality tells us we need to look. You should look and Look for clothes that match our personal style, no matter the store.

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This is the condition of this jacket Maple Column the one we fell in love with. This influencer, who has nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, is a fashion reference for women over 50. Its elegant and sophisticated style also allows you to add more outfits from brands that are more informal, will hang at home and are accessible to everyone.

So we found this beautiful short gray double-breasted jacket from the brand on Instagram. Stradivarius. It is a garment with a lapel collar and faux front pockets with piping. It closes with a few buttons, and although the one De Arce wears is grey, it’s also available in raw and black. its price 39.99 euros.

Pilar’s look was completed with H&M’s ultra-trendy wide leather trousers. These are high-waisted, straight-leg coated, narrow-waisted fabric trousers. The cut is straight, although a little loose. You can use them for the following purposes: 32.99 euros.

Finally, he also wears a Loose Fit sweater from the same brand as the trousers. This sweater is soft knit. It has a round neckline, a loose fit and, according to the brand’s website, the shoulders are “noticeably droopy.” It also features a ribbed trim at the collar, cuffs and hem. It is a very simple and very combinable garment. 29.99 euros.

Stradivarius, a brand for everyone

Stradivarius, the well-known brand of the fashion world, has managed to become the reference of the young and cosmopolitan public. Originating in Spain, this brand is part of the famous group InditexOne of the largest fashion companies in the world. Stradivarius stands out for its focus on creating accessible and avant-garde trends and targets mainly young women who want to express their individuality with their own style, but as we have seen, their clothes can be adapted to all ages.

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Stradivarius’ philosophy revolves around dynamism and accessibility. Their collections are constantly evolving, always adapting to current fashion trends. This allows customers to find clothing that not only fits the latest trends but is also affordable. The brand offers a wide range of products, from clothing to shoes and accessories, allowing you to create complete looks that reflect unique personalities.

With a strong presence in the international market, Stradivarius operates in many countries and offers its products through physical stores and a strong e-commerce platform. The brand has been able to leverage the power of social networks and digital connection to engage its audience and use these platforms to inspire and capture emerging trends.