Violeta is the sixth to be expelled from ‘OT 2023’: “What we see outside and what we experience in the academy are different things.”

Inside ‘operation victory‘Anything can happen. VioletOne of the favorite artists of ‘OT’ gala 0 the sixth was removed from the program Prime Minister Video. The singer said goodbye to the academy this Monday after a painful duel with her close friend Chiara during the competition. The artist commentedBlue Lights‘ at the last premiere. As he describes it, “close your pass in the program‘” After wearing blue when he first appeared on stage.

The young woman expressed this Tuesday after being expelled from school last night: “This experience was wonderful. It is a luxury to take part in such a program with the exhibition and everything it allows you to learn.” After the experience, “I was left with the illusion that I was part of this program,” she added. “We set out knowing that we must challenge ourselves. I never devoted myself to singing, I was a journalist and saw music as a ‘hobby’“explained the former Telecinco correspondent.

artistic sensitivity

Violeta ‘Nominated twice’operation victory‘, the moments when he had the opportunity to choose the songs he sang, ‘Es port ti’ and ‘Blue Lights’. “With the nominations, I was able to demonstrate my sensitivity and what characterizes me as an artist.. “This is a way to show you what you are like in front of the public and what you want to be as an artist,” he assured.

The role of the jury and the nominations has been questioned from time to time, even by academy professors. “We’re in the bubble and The only ‘feedback’ we have is the jury’s evaluations. “This is the only way we can continue to grow as artists,” he stated. For his part, he felt: “insecureHe stated that he had “never done anything like this” throughout the program and that he “attached great importance” to all the evaluations he received.

Regarding her competition experience, Violeta admitted that her time on the show went through some complicated situations where she didn’t know how it would be viewed from the outside. “You are so unaware of everything There were moments when I felt like I was unimportant and wasn’t contributing anything.. “Coming out and seeing the positive reaction of the public is something that makes me proud,” said the young woman.

Controversies and relationships

The singer became the protagonist of two relationships that were commented on on social networks: with Salma and Chiara. ‘Muzaffer’ wanted to deny the rumors that there was a love affair on the show after Salma raised the alarm with some comments. “‘OT’ is a competition with a television portion. When we’re inside, we don’t realize the extent of what we’re seeing. I love Salma just like I love Denna and Kiki.“, he assured. “I think What we see outside and what we experience inside are different things.. “I love Salma because she was and will continue to be a part of me,” he concluded.

Like some of her previously expelled colleagues, the artist is preparing to record her first single after participating in the program. “I am happy with my first single and having experienced the creation of a song that is a world I did not know,” she commented. “I want to gradually define myself as an artist “Because I have a lot of different musical references,” she added. Next week, Violeta will enter the studio to record her first song, which will be released soon.

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