Scientist explained how immunity differs in people in different emotional states 12:14

Aggressive, depressive and submissive (submissive) behavior affects the state of the human immune system, Galina Idova, professor of the Department of Physiology at Novosibirsk State University and principal investigator of the Research Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, who conducted experiments on small rodents, told

“Aggression is associated with the activation of the immune system. In aggressive animals, the activity of the serotonin system, which suppresses the immune response, decreases, while the activity of the dopamine system, which stimulates the immune response, increases. There is anecdotal evidence in the literature that this is the same in humans: when there is more aggression, immune indicators are better; Levels of T helper cells and natural killer cells (immune system cells) are increasing,” Idova said.

In down and depressed animals, all these indicators, on the contrary, decrease. According to the scientist, the immune response in submissive mice was lower than in aggressors but equal to that in the control. Animals with depressive-like behavior are characterized by a significant reduction in the immune response compared to both aggressive and control animals.

According to Idova, a change in behavior from aggressive to depressive leads to immunosuppression (suppression of immunity), and conversely, a change from depressive to aggressive leads to immunostimulation, probably due to a change in the neurochemical picture of the brain.

Formerly narcologist Blagov saidAn increase in cases of delirium tremens occurs at the end of the holidays.

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Source: Gazeta


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