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Aludium increases revenue by 40% thanks to rise in aluminum price


The rise experienced price of most materials It did not have the same effect on all Alicante companies. So while for most companies this resulted in a significant cut in their margins, for others it made significant sense. increase your income, this even allowed them to leave red numbers in their accounts for years. This is the special case of multinational aluminum. aluminumThe owner of the rolling mill located in Alicante’s Agua Amarga region, in a single fiscal year increased its turnover by almost 40% and a profit of over 36 million euros was recorded thanks to the increase in the price of this material.

Some good results that the company is committed to reopen the foundry Promote this plant and the plant it has at its facilities in Amorebieta with their achievements replace most of the raw material bought it from other operators for the aluminum it recycles in its own factories. It’s a strategic decision the firm made a few years ago that now allows it to increase its profitability.

In this way, Aludium Transformación de Productos SL earned more than total revenue last year, according to balances deposited in the Commercial Register. 560 million €It represents 40% growth compared to 400 million in 2020. An improvement mainly determined by increase in aluminum prices not only in international markets, but also due to the increase in production at the two factories included in this company (the company has a third company in France that offers separate accounts). In the Amorebieta sample, it was 17% more, reaching 131,767 tons. 64,625 tons left Alicante plant1 more.

Although it may seem like a minimal increase, it should be noted that the Alicante plant cannot operate at full capacity for most of the year due to increased production. fire suffered in one of the rolling lines and was not fully repaired until last March. Meanwhile, accounts reflect that 18 million euros were collected from the insurer as compensation for this event.

This improvement in revenue also meant abandoning the red numbers the company had been chasing for the past three years. In this way, it achieved some success last year, compared to the losses of over 11 million euros recorded by Aludium in 2020. 36 million benefits.

On the other hand, those responsible for the firm minimize the impact of high prices. Energy As stated in the management report, in their accounts during this year 75% of its consumption is contracted at a fixed price. They also state that they do not have significant customers in Russia or Ukraine and therefore do not foresee any special effects.

Regarding the distribution of its sales, Aludium concentrated only 21% of its sales in the national region last year, 61% of its revenue was from other EU countries and 18% corresponded to exports. To other non-EU destinations. Company employs 837 people Between its two factories in Spain.

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