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Do you know the most internationally awarded wine from Alicante? from Bodegas Back


Repurpose fine Spanish wines and salvage old vineyards from local varieties. These are the columns WineriesA project born in 2004 Rafael Canizares Winemaker by education and viticulture according to the family tradition of more than four generations connected with the vineyard and wine.

From this point, Cañizares has succeeded in projecting our beloved Monastrell grape variety to the prestigious critic Jancis Robinson.praising and positioning the maximum for its strength and resulting in its wines Return.

But Robinson not only fell in love with this product from Alicante, but also exclusive magazine Wine Spectator once again hill platform Bodegas Back with 92 pointsThe most rated Alicante wine by the prestigious publication since 2010.

Platform Hill by Bodegas Volver.

Latter, carafe, one of the largest and most influential wine competitions in the world – one of the prizes blind tasting by an international jury and attended by some Master of Wines and Master Sommeliers-, It scored Volver’s best-known wines with scores of over 90, reaching 94. wheat 2018.

All these results are not the result of a series of good studies, formulas for making wine “as all life is made” It plays in favor of both the market and the aforementioned experts and publications.

Rafael continues to pass on the legacy of knowledge to future generations, already strong in repository: Sofia Canizares (onologist) -which has already been named wine and jar, personally designed, sewn and produced-, and Adrián Cañizares, his brother (marketing and communications officer), is an organization that organizes the implementation strategies of the brand in national and international markets.

We spoke with Rafael Cañizares about his top-rated wines, as well as the present and future of the Alicante winery.

Rafael Cañizares, Bodegas Back.

Thank you very much, these results are not the fruit of a good year, because These scores are repeated. Our wines work very well in the international market because international tasters do not have the defining factors of the Denominations of Origin we have in Spain. Therefore, they only measure wines as they are. Regardless of whether they are Riojas or Alicante Wines. That’s why when we measure ourselves in blind tastings, the judges get drunk on our strong and well-balanced wines.

this is how it is. Our most popular wineBetter known than the winery itself, it continues to enthrall the international jury. Pay attention not only to the Wine Spectator, but also to Jancis Robinson, Decanter, etc… We believe that Tarima Hill is a round wine that represents the traditional Alicante wine, but from our production point of view. A delicious taste in the mouth, well-balanced and full-bodied, with a long finish.

Winemakers for generations at Bodegas Volver.

From both Bodegas Volver and Alicante DO we firmly believe that, our wine has the potential to rise to the level of the most prestigious titles in the world, and we think the work of the last ten years is fundamental to that. The first is to continue working on the quality line we have because the product is good, and then join forces as a DO to reach areas of Spain traditionally not reached by our DO, such as international markets. In terms of traditional consumption, entering the national market is more complex than the international market. But as I said, There is nothing that cannot be achieved with effort, effort and unity.

The truth is, I feel calm from this angle, The next generation is already taking the reins of the project. Sofia he follows the growth of the vine, harvests it personally and becomes a farmer with all the know-how that being a winemaker gives him. Y Adrian It directs the entire marketing and strategy of the company, both nationally and internationally. The sum of these two reassures us today of the two essential factors, good wine and good implantation.

They invite us from the wine tourism departments to learn how they take care of the vineyard and their production processes and to taste their wines in person.

The location of all these components Wineries in the national and international market as signature wines with their own personality.to gain the loyalty of their consumers and achieve the call or “word of mouth” effect (never better said).

They invite us from the wine tourism departments Learn how they take care of their vineyard and production process, as well as taste their wines in the first person.

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Address: Pinoso Highway Fortuna, km. 1 (Pinoso, Alicante)

Telephone: 966 185 624

Mail: info@bodegasvolver.com

visits | Wine tourism: 673 468 283 | enoturismo@bodegasvolver.com

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