Former Decibels guitarist sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison for harassing minors

The Barcelona Court has cJaume O., former guitarist of the historic band Decibelios, was sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison.after accepting have molested two underage girls in exchange for money and recorded relationships with them.

In the seventh section of the Barcelona Court, the musician who accepted the deal was sued. Punishment reduction with the prosecutor’s officeAfter pleading guilty to and paying for the sexual abuse of the minors he was accused of, he demanded nearly 50 years in prison. compensation of 48 thousand euros to two victims.

Hours later, the Barcelona Court delivered the sentence convicting the guitarist of his crimes. minor prostitution, sexual exploitation of minors, production of child pornography, exhibitionism, as well as possession of illegal weaponsbecause they found two pistols while searching his house.

The guitarist was arrested by Mossos d’Esquadra in Barcelona in March 2020 and following his arrest, the benchmark for ‘Oi’ music from the 80s, the band announced its definitive disbandment and distanced itself from sexual abuse perpetrated by the committed. .

The defendant assumed in court that he had paid minors under the age of 16 to have sex of their own accord.Recording the encounters with a mobile phone and a ‘go pro’ camera and then displaying the footage to the victims via a projector.

He also accepted this he was aware that the girls were 15 years oldHe said he threatened not to pay the agreed amount when the legal minimum for consent was 16 and they didn’t accept their various sexual requests.

Moreover, the defendant accepted it in court. ownership of two pistols found in his home In the search carried out in March 2020 and where no gun license was found.

The accused was also fined 450 euros for the crime of exhibitionism and a ban on contacting or approaching victims within four years after sentence, as well as working with minors for five years.

According to the decision, Jaume O. met one of the victims through a WhatsApp group in 2019. succeeded in putting another minor in contact with men for sexual intercourse.

The guitarist initially had sex with the first minor who told him she was 17, but later recognized his true age and didn’t hesitate to meet him again.

The second underage boy went to the confessor’s house through the first and Jaume O., whom he met at the health center. harassed and recorded her many times.

The young woman entered a health center’s Adolescent Crisis Unit, which allowed her mother to discover a message on her cell phone that the accused had asked her to give her oral sex, so she contacted the musician and reported the situation to her. I would report him.

nevertheless, The accused invited the minor to meet again in Barcelona at a copy shop, where he managed and assured that he wanted to marry her. By the time he was 16, it was now legal and he offered money again in exchange for satisfying his sexual desires and recording her with his cell phone.

Police search of Jaume O.’s home found cocaine and two unlicensed guns, as well as the camera and cell phones the defendant used to record victims of abuse.

Source: Informacion


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