Monegal’s critique: anchovy for honorary anchovy if settling in Cantabria

take advantage of it sound just suggested it Retired Juan Carlos Settle into the Sobrellano Palace in Comillas for sureIn ‘El intermedia’ they speculated about how the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, would take the offer.

They exclaimed for the first time in ‘El Hormiguero’ recently in such anguish and bewilderment: “This is the biggest disappointment of my life! I discovered that he was a tax evader… What a disappointment!‘. And then Wyoming would cynically signal unsheathed: “Oh! How the relationship between Revilla and honorary has changed!” He brought the cover of his book to the screen, where he was seen kneeling like a slave butler and tying his laces. As a final extravagance, they added: Do not harm Revilla, we will ban him from entering this palace, In the meantime, we’re going to buy the TV, because it comes out a lot”. they may appeal to him less. The topic may seem anecdotal, but it makes sense. Wyoming said in a burning voice, “How the relationship between Revilla and Juan Carlos has changed!“I was painting a deadly portrait of how the country’s most important politicians, including regional presidents, were laughing and having fun thanks to Juan Carlos. It was like that until four days ago.

One of his last visits to Cantabria as king was precisely to Comillas in 2008. Historiographers described the enthusiasm, the “strong embrace that Revila gave as he bid farewell to the King,” and what Revilla himself said happily at the end of the visit: “Before we got in the car, Don Juan Carlos asked me to send him in. More anchovies!” Ahh! All the great politicians in the country, including prominent journalists, knew almost everything about Juan Carlos. But he was silent. The ban was lifted only seven or eight years ago, and monarchical change was established as a lifeline for the monarchy itself. As Judge José Castro said on ‘La Sexta noche’ the other day: “Juan Carlos was on his way. Neither the family, nor the politicians, nor the judges who let him do everything knew what to do with him.. They packaged it and sent it to Abu Dhabi. And they shouted that the problem was solved! And it was solved, nothing”. Ahh! If he settles in Cantabria, we will see who will take the anchovies to the palace.

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