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Three minors linked to Dominican Do’t Play arrested for stabbing another in Madrid


There is the National Police Arrested three 15- and 16-year-olds linked to youth gang Dominican Play by (DDP) allegedly machete another young man At the door of an institute in Madrid’s Orcasur district, sources from the Madrid Police Headquarters informed Efe.

The attack took place last Monday, around ten in the morning, at the gates of the Tierno Galván Institute, located between Poblados Avenue in Usera district and Eduardo Barreiros Avenue.

From the emergency room Several calls from neighbors of the victim, a 15-year-old Colombian teenager,He was asking them for help for the open wound on his arm caused by the blow of a machete.

These same neighbors are a tourniquet The little one stopped the bleeding until the arrival of the Samur-Civil Protection troops, who took the little one to the 12 October hospital without taking it seriously.

The police quickly identified the three suspects trying to hide the machetes at the scene.

three children aged 15 and 16, Colombian, Peruvian and Moroccan nationalsarrested and found to be affiliated with the Dominik Don’t Play gang, but there is no evidence that they were members.

The Provincial Information Brigade undertook the investigation of the incident with groups specializing in youth gangs.

Source: Informacion



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