Republicans and Democrats reach agreement to avoid US government shutdown

HE Republican Party And Democratic Party They made a statement this Sunday 1.66 billion deal Providing dollars to finance the US Administration in 2024 is the first step in preventing a government shutdown.

The deal was jointly announced by Senate Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer and the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a Republican Mike Johnson.

It will now need to be approved by the US Congress and overcome possible opposition from far-right Republicans in the House of Representatives. Push for deep budget cuts.

Legislators returning to Congress this week new year holidaysThey have until January 19 to approve the deal that would prevent a government shutdown.

And approximately funds 20% of the government budget Funds, including items such as aid to veterans, will run out on January 19, with remaining funds running out on February 2.

Agreement reached

Although no details about the deal have been released, the deal would allow for $886.3 billion in defense spending and $772.7 billion in domestic discretionary spending, according to the Washington Post.

The newspaper points out that these figures are in line with the agreement reached last spring between President Joe Biden and the then-speaker of the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy suspending the country’s debt limit.

In a letter published following today’s announcement, Johnson (the current speaker of the lower house) said he had made “significant changes” ahead of the start of negotiations in June and that “further changes” would be made. 16 billion additional spending cuts to offset discretionary spending levels.

“While these final spending levels will not satisfy everyone and will not reduce spending as much as most of us would like, this agreement provides us with a way to move the process forward, to reprioritise.” financing “Make the top line toward conservative goals instead of last year’s Schumer-Pelosi package and fight for the key policy provisions in our House bills for FY24,” he said.

On November 15, the U.S. Congress approved a new budget extension that avoids an imminent administrative shutdown with two expiration dates (January 19 and February 2) that would allow congressmen to debate the fiscal year 2024 budget in a timely manner.

The White House has been warning for weeks about a deadline to negotiate the agreement, which includes controversial aspects such as immigration policy and military aid to Ukraine.

Before the end of the year, Congress had focused its efforts on negotiating the more than $100 billion economic package the White House had requested, including military aid for Ukraine and Israel.

Republicans demanded tightening immigration policy in exchange for more than $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The White House had warned that the money approved for Ukraine through 2023 had been exhausted and that it could not continue to support Kiev in its war with Russia.

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