Camilo Sesto Against Temptation: Antena 3 clearly premieres the Atresplayer series

‘Temptation Island’ has a new rival: Camilo Sesto. A few days ago, it was announced that the reality show hosted by Sandra Barneda would air two nights in a row, at least during the premiere week, and now the competition has moved to stop the possible success of this program.

antenna 3 prepared a special publication The first two episodes of ‘Camilo Superstar’ will be broadcast on Wednesday night, starting from 22.45. The series about the life of singer Camilo Sesto is now available in full on Atresplayer.

At the moment everything indicates that it is a special broadcast to promote the series and thus confront Telecinco with a themed night, since this series is designed for Atresplayer and is obviously created not to be watched. However, it has not yet been confirmed that this will be the case, and if it is successful, the network may choose to continue broadcasting.

Otherwise, those who want to finish watching the series will have no choice but to pay the Atresplayer Premium subscription to find out the outcome of the fiction. What is clear is that Camilo will have to face this situation. second installment ofisland of temptations‘, The first broadcast of the reality show will take place on Tuesday, the 9th.

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