Ukraine struggles with blockage of aid from allies amid barrage of drones and bombings

It was that moment New yeara few minutes after the rain suicide drones produced Iranian and started by Russian occupation army fell into urban area Odessa. In this coastal city on the Black Sea coast, Russian ultranationalism As he reflected on the beginning of his empire, hundreds of quiet people sang in the middle of the night ‘Oi u luzi chervona kalyna’ (red kalina in the meadow), a Ukrainian patriotic song composed in honor of the Sich Rifles during the First World War. A military unit that supports independence. There has been almost no encouraging news from the front for months; abroad, the Allies Most Slavic countries seem hesitant when it comes to setting new ones financial aid It is aimed at a country at war. But all this did not stop Ukrainians from once again singing this hymn dedicated to the kalyna, a Ukrainian shrub. red fruits, it became a music resistance symbol The situation of the country before the Russian occupation.

New Year’s Eve marked a turning point in Russia’s strategy to lower combat morale by terrorizing the civilian population. According to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyBetween 29 December and 1 January, Russian forces opened fire. about 300 missiles And two hundred suicide drones About Ukrainian cities, mainly Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa And Dnipro. Unlike last winter, when the occupying troops focused on destroying the facilities electrical power supply Depriving Ukrainians of heat and exposing them to heat harsh weather In Eastern Europe, on this occasion, blind bombings of electrical infrastructures gained prominence, but also against them. residential areaswith the missiles and bullets inside them overwhelmingly They were shot down by Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses. Despite everything, nearly fifty people lost their lives.

With these massive blind air strikes, Russia is trying to fully “test” and surpass the capabilities of Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses, which have been reinforced in recent months. patriot missiles Americans and systems SAMP/T MAMBA Analysts agree that it is French-Italian production. “It hopes to run out of interceptors for Ukraine before Russia runs out of drones,” the Kremlin says on social network account X (formerly Twitter). mike ryanAssistant researcher Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. For your part, Andreas Umlandanalyst Center for Eastern European Studies In an email to El Periódico de Catalunya from the Prensa Ibérica group in Stockholm, he considers a positive aspect of the recent bombings: “Unlike last year, the attacks did not have a significant impact on the electrical infrastructure; in January 2023, the attacks did not have a significant impact on the electrical infrastructure “It didn’t happen. Kiev was about to be evacuated, no problems were observed this year.”

Fight the impasse

The English word ‘stalemate’, which can be translated in Spanish as stalemate, ‘stalemate’ or draw, is the fashionable adjective not only to describe the conflict in Ukraine, but also to describe the Ukrainian conflict. political lies related to Brussels And washington, but also in a significant portion of journalistic articles. Whenever this definition is used, the prevailing idea is that both competitors have reached a point where they can no longer gain any further advancement or advantage over the other side. This is accompanied by an implicit idea: It is time to start a negotiation. achieve a ceasefire and freeze the current situation on the ground, just like on the peninsula Korea “The perception that this is an open-ended, static conflict is causing a sense of fatigue among Ukraine’s partners,” says senior researcher Jack Watling. Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), in an article published in the journal ‘Foreign affairs‘.

Many analysts not only spoke against They do not argue against such an assessment, but rather warn of the dangers such an analysis can pose. For starters, it’s not true that Ukraine made no progress during the war, according to Umland. I just finished the year. Although land fronts “no” progress has been made Black SeaUkraine achieved: extraordinary success “Compared to 2022,” he emphasizes. Crimean portsKiev “forced the evacuation” of the region, causing serious human and material losses on the Russian side. ships The Kremlin’s war, which stretches from the disputed Crimean peninsula to ports in the federation’s territory, is “one” maritime corridor“This leaves it free to continue sending its agricultural exports to its own markets, free from the permanent blackmail represented by the failed Black Sea Initiative, which is now always dependent on the good will of the Kremlin.

The real idea of ​​war in neutral state carries risks in the medium and long term So that Kiev can continue to defend itself against the enemy Russian aggression. “The way we talk directs what we think, and what we think directs what we do or do not do,” criticizes Professor Timothy Snyder. History and Public Relations at Yale University and author An article on Land of Blood: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin mutual influence Exercisers in the 1930s Nazism And Stalinism. According to this academic, the idea that war is not enough is dangerous. “If Russia’s intention is to destroy Ukraine as a society, as its politicians and propagandists have explained to us, one particular situation on the battlefield cannot be the end,” Snyder recalls.

For this reason, many experts supported Ukraine insist on need continue to provide military equipment and support financially to Army And Kyiv Government, not only for the benefit of the Slavic country, but above all for their own interests. “Russia “It is strengthening cooperation with China and Iran,” Watling warns. If Ukraine surrenders, these countries will become stronger and more likely to provoke “multiple simultaneous crises” in other scenarios such as the following. Korean Peninsula, Africa or Middle East.

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