Lula points to Bolsonaro as “directly responsible” for 8E coup attempt

A year after the attempted attack on state powers, many Brazilians still refuse to accept that this could happen in their country. Minister Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva He continues to point to his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaroas responsible for the failed coup attempt against him. The retired former captain argues that everything is an invention of the left. The images of that 8E have a strong capacity to refute his words. But also throughout 2022, justice has taken action. between 1,390 people were accused of participating in the conspiracy, Approximately thirty people were sentenced to up to 17 years in prison. Sixty-six people are in preventive detention. Bolsonaro He is being investigated as a possible provocative and intellectual writer Besides the rebellion former Attorney General Anderson Torres. This was nothing less than the security of the Brazilian Government during the attack of the far right on the headquarters of the Executive, Congress and the Supreme Court. He had a coup record at home. He is accused of liberating the region so that the most radical Bolsonarism could take action.

Sunday’s acts of vandalism represented a step from words to action. After the October 2022 elections, in which Bolsonaro was defeated, calls for the forcible seizure of buildings symbolizing the validity of democratic institutions became widespread in the ultra camps in front of the barracks.

A few hours before the 8E commemoration ceremony, horrifying details become known. Alexandre de Moraes, one of the 11 judges of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), told Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Globo: There was a plan to hang him in the Plaza de los Tres Poderes. De Moraes is a kind of bete noire for the far right and especially for Bolsonaro himself. It investigated the use of ‘fake news’ during his Government, among other incidents that led to the former head of state’s eight-year disqualification. “The first plan was for the Army Special Forces to arrest me on Sunday and take me to the barracks in Goiania (a city about 200 kilometers from Bresilia). The second plan was for them to arrest me. They were planning to kill me on the road and leave the body“. The third plan involved hanging him. “The goal was the end of democracy, military coup, return of tyranny, suppression of political rights. It wasn’t a Sunday in the park. “These people wanted to destroy their political enemies, whom they saw as enemies,” De Moraes said. The judge reminded that a lawsuit was filed to investigate the reasons why members of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) followed in their footsteps.

Lula’s certainty

The leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) did not wait until the eighth month to consider the political and legal consequences. “There is someone directly responsible for planning all this and cowardly hiding and abandoning Brazil Here’s what Lula said about Bolsonaro, sticking to his decision to never give his name. The former captain took a plane to the United States a few hours before leaving power.. “It is well known that he did not accept our victory. It is well known that he always tries to undermine the credibility of electoral justice and demoralize all institutions possible. “He planned this, cowardly didn’t have the courage to take it on, walked away and left his followers there to do what they did.”

The coup plan has not yet been fully clarified. ‘Veja’ magazine published an audio recording in which Federal District security officials belittled the actions and thought they were not worth it. “wearing out” the police. “We continue to investigate, because we still need to find out who financed this, who guaranteed the camps, we are in no hurry, what we want is for justice to be served so that no one dares to change the democratic process again.” said. Minister.

Minister of Defense José Múcio Monteiro, He called for investigations into coup actions to be accelerated. “We need to find the criminals to remove this cloud of distrust towards the Armed Forces.”“he told the newspaperSituation’. The minister denied that the Armed Forces wanted to stage a coup, but admitted that “some insiders” wanted it. “I’m not protecting anything, but I don’t want to condemn the innocent either. I want to punish the guilty.” Lula has tried to rebuild relations with the military sector for a year.

“We should remember January 8 by its name: attempted coup,” said O Globo columnist Pablo Ortellado. According to scholar Celso Rocha de Barros, “It was the culmination of two months of turmoil After Bolsonaro’s defeat. Barricades, camping in front of barracks, street fighting An attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Eve, on the eve of Lula’s graduation.” The aim of everything was the same: to create an environment of chaos that would serve as an excuse for a military coup. “When the army did not arrive, ordinary soldiers were detained. “But there are still a lot of people who need to be arrested.”Folha’, Rocha de Barros stated: “The vandals on January 8 were not ordinary citizens bursting with radicalism: “They were the foot soldiers of an organized political movement with a vast and well-financed disinformation network, their own parliamentary group and their headquarters in the Planalto Palace.”

Law in Congress and the military

On Monday in Congress, Lula will lead an event commemorating the events of last January, accompanied by leaders of the Legislative Assembly, members of the TSF, governors, state governors, military commanders, civil society leaders and ambassadors. His motto is “Democracy is solid.” Miriam Leitao, one of Brazil’s leading political analysts, The decision of the Armed Forces commanders to attend the parliament was described as important. “The understanding of the current military leadership was missing among Bolsonaro governors. This is not the action of a political group, but an institutional manifestation. There is room in the political game for the right and the left. There is absolutely no room for those who conspire against democracy”.

Tarcisio Freitas, a former minister in the previous administration and current governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most powerful region, decided, like many Bolsonaristas, to turn his back on the meeting in Parliament. He assured that he had political intentions and would not personally contribute to “strengthening Lula’s image.” The most stubborn core of Bolsonarism called for action on Monday to be recognized as “Patriots’ Day” through social networks. Authorities are only waiting for minor incidents.

Bolsonaro deplored the demolition of public buildings in 8E by nearly 4,000 of his angriest supporters. In response, he blamed the Government. “We are sure that this is a trap from the left. Unfortunately, the investigation did not continue.” The violent attack on the centers of power in the state, in his opinion, cannot be attributed to the far right. “It was not the people who followed us, conservatives would never do this. ”

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