Antena 3 sets premiere date for series ‘Entre Tierras’ after passing through Atresplayer

National fiction returns to prime time antenna 3. Chain it already has a history The premiere will be broadcast openly ‘Among the Blacks’. To be next Thursday, January 11, at 22:50. As viewers begin to enjoy this 10-episode montage starring Megan Montaner and Unax Ugalde. In this way, he will have to measure himself at the series premiere.Bake: celebrities bake‘.

Mary An Andalusian woman (Megan Montaner), who has devoted herself to taking care of her family since her father died, decides to sacrifice herself for her family and agrees to marry a La Mancha landowner who comes to her town to find a wife. the well-being and future of his family, his mother and his siblings.

He returned from Germany and left behind the land he promised to marry, his family and the promise of love, but years passed without him knowing, he was over thirty years old and lost hope of returning. What María ignores is that the wedding celebrated between her and the mature landowner was by proxy, and that the person she was actually going to marry was Manual (Unax Ugalde), his only nephew ramon (Juanjo Puigcorbé) is unaware of the trap his uncle has set for him at that moment.

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