Kirkorov will not be deprived of the title, but will be “cut” from the film: what will happen to the guests of the “naked” party The Ministry of Culture did not find a reason to deprive Kirkorov of the title of People’s Artist 29.12.2023 , 16:45

Ministry of Culture could not find justification

Singer Philip Kirkorov will not be deprived of the title of People’s Artist for his participation in the “naked” party of TV presenter and blogger Anastasia Ivleeva. In this respect reported RIA Novosti, citing the press service of the Ministry of Culture.

“The awardee may be deprived of the state award only by a court decision that comes into legal force upon conviction for having committed a serious or particularly serious crime,” the ministry said.

The ministry added that this procedure is determined by law.

Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, legal scholar Ivan Solovyov previously acceptedThe basis for depriving an artist of the title of People’s Artist may be violation of professional ethical and moral standards:

“I am sure that with the advent of the ban on LGBT propaganda (the International LGBT People’s Movement is considered extremist and is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation), given the clearly inappropriate behavior of the artist both on stage and in everyday life, Mr. Kirkorov will be stripped of the honorary title “People’s Artist of Russia” Significant legal grounds arose for raising the question of the possibility of preparing a proposal to deprive.

With a proposal to deprive Kirkorov of his title spoke Head of the Federal Project on Security and Anti-Corruption Vitaly Borodin. How reported Singer Mash even turned to lawyers for help.

Kirkorov and Asti were “removed” from the film

Although the actor retained his title, TNT was preparing to show “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Everything!” He was “removed” from his comedy. Director of the TV channel Tina Kandelaki published There are photos from the “additional shooting” of the film on the Telegram channel. They are wearing an actor from the series “The Boy’s Promise”. Blood on the asphalt” Nikita Kologrivy plays Louis XVI instead of the People’s Artist.

“I stand behind this movie! The audience is everything to me, and I am everything to the audience! “Those who know me know,” said Kologrivy, who is reproducing Kashchei’s “The Boy’s Word” monologue with modifications for the new project.

happened at the same time knownreplacing singer Anna Asti (Another guest of Ivleeva’s party, real name Anna Dzyuba)The actress, who plays the role of Barbie, will portray country pop singer Klava Koka in the movie. (Klavdiya Vysokova).

Kandelaki on Telegram channel refuted Rumors arose that artists would be paid high wages in case of emergency.

“Thank you very much Nikita [Кологривому]Thanks to Klava Koka, she is a great artist. For supporting us and agreeing to join this adventure. Spoiler: This is not the final list of artists,” said the channel’s manager.

Philip Kirkorov on the background of the revealed information published The poster of the New Year’s “Winter Show”, which was in question due to the scandal, appeared on social networks.

All guests “at gunpoint”

Puree reportedHe said that the participants of the scandalous party were given three days to resolve their tax problems. According to the TV channel, they will face “deep audit and on-site investigation” if they do not resolve issues with tax authorities by 2024.

“Our interlocutor at the Federal Tax Service claims that this is the last warning, the so-called sign. “The Ministry of Internal Affairs then steps in, the movement of funds is controlled, and if there are grounds, an on-site investigation is carried out with the possibility of initiating a lawsuit.”

According to the source, “everyone on the guest list is under attack.”

Telegram channel Baza I learnedTina Kandelaki, Timati and his girlfriend Feduk, Big Baby Tape, Nikolay Kartozia, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Mikhail Druyan, Sievert, Moneyken, Nyusha, Yana Rudkovskaya, Nastya Samburskaya, Christina Si and Philip Yankovsky received invitations to the party, but did not come.

“It is interesting that those who had previously met (Safe Internet League president) Ekaterina Mizulina, especially Instasamka and Scally Milano, refused to join the party,” the channel notes.

While the tax office was checking the participants of the event, rapper Vacio, who came to the event with only one sock, decided A fine of 200 thousand rubles was appealed for LGBT propaganda.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Council Vice President Irina Kirkora said in an interview with the National News Service in the name Stop discussing the “naked” party:

“I think it would be better to stop talking about it altogether. The conclusions have been drawn, the processes of apologizing to the people who organized the party and those who attended it and acknowledging what happened have already taken place. At least I really hope so. I think it is absolutely inappropriate to continue discussing any variation of this story because it is It’s already turning into bullying.”

What are you thinking?

Singer Philip Kirkorov will not be deprived of the title of People’s Artist for his participation in Anastasia Ivleeva’s “naked” party, the Ministry of Culture reported. The Ministry clarified that this could only be done on the basis of a court decision entered into force for committing a serious or particularly serious crime. Despite the decision of the ministry, the actor “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Everything!” He was “removed” from his comedy. Additionally, according to Mash, tax authorities took care of all attendees of the event.

Source: Gazeta


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