“The biggest attack of recent times”: 10 missiles were shot down in Crimea Russian Ministry of Defense: air defense systems shot down 10 missiles in the Crimean peninsula 01/04/2024, 20:16

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) attacked Sevastopol. At 16:40 Moscow time Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev reportedIt was stated that an air raid alert was issued in the city. After that, the army used standard camouflage tools.

Later president of the city reportedIt was stated that the Russian Armed Forces repelled the attack of the Ukrainian army.

“I ask you to remain calm, comply with security measures, stay in temporary shelters or safe places. The military is working to destroy a large number of various air targets.” Wrote Razvozzhaev.

Russian Ministry of Defense on Telegram channel clarifiedair defense systems destroyed 10 Ukrainian missiles on the Crimean Peninsula.

Mikhail Razvozzhaev said that this attack on Sevastopol was “the biggest attack of recent times.”

Shrapnel from the downed missiles fell on the streets of the city. one of the trailers words The governor found himself in a house on Glukhov Street. One person was injured here and taken to hospital. Rocket fragments fell near residential buildings in the Pesochnaya Bay area. Debris also fell on General Zhidilov Street and the Uchkuevka embankment. There was no loss of life in these regions.

Sevastopol residents also said that one of the rockets hit the private sector behind Sevastopol State University (SevSU). According to Razvozzhaev, special services went there to check the information.

Attacks on Crimea

Over the past month, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have attempted several attacks on Crimea. until December 15 data The Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian air defense systems shot down 26 unmanned aerial vehicles on the territory of the republic.

On the night of December 26, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the port in Feodosia. As a result of this attack, a fire broke out in the port and the people living in the surrounding houses were evacuated to temporary accommodation centers. Telegram channel Baza WroteIt was stated that 350 people were taken from the regions adjacent to the port.

To the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reportedIt was stated that as a result of the repelling of this attack, the large landing ship Novocherkassk was damaged.

On January 3, a missile was also shot down in Sevastopol. Mayor reportedHe stated that no damage to the infrastructure was recorded.

Bombardment of border areas

Ukrainian Armed Forces also continue to bomb Belgorod and border villages. On January 2, more than 50 bullets were fired into the territory of the Belgorod region. Over Belgorod alone, air defense systems shot down 24 Vilkha and two Tochka-U missiles. On January 3, the Ukrainian army fired 12 rockets into the city.

With words The situation in Belgorod remains tense after the shelling, said the head of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov. Due to the current situation in the city and many municipalities, holidays for schoolchildren and students have been extended until January 19.

1 January Armed Forces of Ukraine was attacked The village of Troitskoye in the Kursk region. While there was no loss of life in the incident, two residences and many vehicles were seriously damaged. January 3 shots were fired Zheleznogorsk region, as a result of which a heating main broke down in Zheleznogorsk. 17 apartments remained unheated. Heat supply was restored by midnight.

New Year’s Eve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine applied Attack on Donetsk. Immediately after the clock struck, 15 rockets were fired from the MLRS into the city center.

What are you thinking?

Ukrainian Armed Forces bombed Crimea. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that its air defense systems shot down 10 Ukrainian missiles over the territory of the peninsula. Fragments of fallen bullets fell on the streets of Sevastopol. It is known that there is at least one injured person. Residents also said that one of the rockets crashed into a private sector and did not explode. Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozzhaev described the attack as “the biggest attack of recent times”.

Source: Gazeta


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