Unknown boats approached a merchant ship in the Red Sea 01/06/2024, 18:55

Six small boats approached the merchant ship in the Red Sea, about 92 km off the coast of Yemen. This was reported by the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) Coordination Center on the social network. X (formerly Twitter).

“UKMTO received information that six small boats approached within 1 mile of a commercial ship approximately 50 nautical miles south-east of the city of Mokka in Yemen,” the report said.

No weapons were seen on the boats. Coalition forces assist a merchant ship.

previous day recognizedIt was stated that the Indian Navy sent the destroyer Chennai to help the cargo ship Lila Norfolk, which had an Indian crew on board and was hijacked by pirates in the Arabian Sea. The Liberian-flagged ship Lila Norfolk reported to UKMTO that approximately five to six unidentified armed men boarded the ship on the evening of 4 January 2024.

Previously USA accused Iran is preparing for Houthis’ attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

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Source: Gazeta


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