Spain begins to recognize Kosovo passports before it even recognizes the country

Spain still does not officially recognize Kosovo, but Yes, they already accept passports at the borders. The Spanish Government did not announce this publicly, but the Government of Pristina celebrated it on social networks. This Saturday afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, centre-left politician and economist Besnik Beslimi, Spain celebrated the removal of the “obstacle” of non-recognition of official Kosovo documents at border controls as “good news”.

is paradoxical duality in the relationship between this country and that Balkan republic At the beginning of the year due to implementation opening Schengen area It has been decided that Kosovo citizens will be accepted into the EU. Beslimi wrote and published a comment on Facebook and announced: “The good news continues for our citizens and our State. DG Home announced that now even Spain recognizes the passports of the Republic of Kosovo. So” We can travel to this country without a visa.

DG Home is the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs and orders the implementation from 1 January of a Commission agreement approved by the European Parliament at the end of April 2023. In accordance with this agreement, Spain no longer requires visas for Kosovars.


“Although visa-free movement started on January 1, Spain is a destination joining the Schengen area countries “For those of us who can travel thanks to liberalization, the obstacle before this was the non-recognition of our passports,” he celebrated the number 2 of the Kosovo government on his Facebook profile. This is a message sent to its citizens to sell diplomatic success, but above all to foreign service personnel in various parts of Europe, such as the Kosovo ambassador in Berlin applauded by.

Compare the eloquence shown in Pristina this Saturday with the silence that continues in Madrid. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not comment on the matter. Questions were asked to sources from the department handling the matter. Minister José Manuel AlbaresFor now, they limited themselves to not denying this newspaper recognition of Kosovo travel documents and to remember that Spain remains one of five countries in the European Union that does not recognize Kosovo.

Successive governments of Spain have maintained this position since Kosovo came under its rule following a brief but bitter partition war with Serbia, which abruptly halted NATO aerial bombardment in the spring of 1999. It continues to officially regard Kosovo as an autonomous province of Serbia. also Greece, Slovakia, Romania and Cyprus.

paradoxical issue

There paradoxes within paradoxes: Spain does not recognize the country but Prime Minister, Social Democrat Albin Kurti, was welcomed in Madrid and Granada during his last two trips to Spain. In November 2022, he came to a meeting chaired by the Socialist International. Pedro Sánchez, Who did he greet? On this occasion, he was also welcomed by a Spanish friend: the former NATO Secretary General. Javier Solana.

More paradox: Kosovo representatives traveled to Spain as an official delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, also in November 2022. And in October 2023, Kosovo officials arrived at the summit of European leaders held in Granada under the Spanish presidency of the European Union. . Of course, they were not welcomed with anthems or flags.

And many more paradoxes: Free movement of Kosovars across the borders of European countries in the Schengen area Introduced and celebrated by Josep Borrell, It is Europe’s highest representative in the field of EU Foreign and Security Policy and the highest number Spain has ever had in European institutions.

In addition, 22,000 Spanish troops – Defense data – participated in NATO’s KFOR mission to protect the security of Kosovo; While this is not contradictory, it is part of the explanation. a “Hispanophile passion” felt in that countryA source within the Pristina government orbit from Grupo Prensa Ibérica tells El Periódico de Catalunya:

If this opening is encouraged Opening of Kosovo interest office in Madrid in the absence of a diplomatic embassy This is something that will be resolved by the end of the year. For Kosovo officials, recognition of Spain is an important issue in their foreign policy.

within the strategic framework determined by In addition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and tensions between Western Europe and Moscow, Kosovo is a key place in the balance of stability in the Balkans, a line of friction between the influence of the Atlantic Alliance and Russia’s seduction of neighboring Serbia. .

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