Iberia strike at airports: “You left me without a holiday”

There isn’t even one delay notice On the screens announcing the departure of flights. Border crossing line providing access to the interior of the border barcelona airport It is normal size. Only the queues in front of the stalls seem a little longer than usual at first glance, but beyond that, ‘Operation return’ from Christmas break It starts with a seemingly normal situation despite the strike call From Friday, January 5 to Monday, January 8 By Iberia’s transport staff, who manage the company’s ground services and are responsible, for example, for loading luggage onto the plane. The only thing that disrupted the usual atmosphere at the airport this Friday, at least externally, was One hundred workers gathered in the middle of the entrance to Terminal 1 and the private problems of passengers who were unaware of the protest. Makes it happen behind closed doors UGT general secretary in Catalonia, Camil Ros“the kitchen is not quiet.”

The union leader states: loading and unloading luggage Some difficulties had already begun to arise in the aircraft or Reportedly 20 planes took off without luggage. Aena, on the other hand, reduces the number to a dozen.

“There’s a lot of talk about this here Whether we expand or not airport and if no agreement is reached, what is enlarged, job insecurity Ros elaborated: “We currently have many problems at Prat airport. cleaning and security services. Doing what Iberia is doing increases insecurity,” insisted the UGT leader, who took the opportunity to take a direct shot at Iberia: “The logical doubt is: Did Iberia lose the competition or did they want to lose to get out of the group? He blamed Aena’s outsourcing of this service to other companies, which is what caused the dispute.

confused passengers

However, not everything was left in this concentration, which lasted about an hour. Two old men recently came to the airport from a cruise ship to catch a flight. British Airways Go to London and then reach UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, It was here that they learned that they were being taken to another plane that had departed an hour earlier. Iberia staff told them they couldn’t do anything from here so they just had to call British Airways. The tour guide who accompanied them and said that the company with which they flew to the United States called them said, “They are lucky that they took this calmly.” alternative flights.

There were some troublesome scenes in the early hours of the morning. Not being able to find a car to load the suitcases at the entrance of this facility. To a citizen of Basque origin who was returning to his homeland for a few days and was left without flights. “I lost my vacation because of you.”, he embarrassed the Iberia workers who tried to help him. We also lost many members to several tourist groups that came to the Catalan capital for a cruise from here, as their flights were cancelled.

In total, Iberia preemptively canceled approximately 450 routes carrying approximately 44,600 people. 80 percent of them had been relocated yesterday, 10 percent had their money refunded, and nothing was known about the other 10 percent, approximately 4,500 passengers. Probably people like those who encounter this situation this Friday.

Follow-up rate is less than 20%

In any case, unions UGT, CCOO And TO USE There were mentions of “incidents” at major airports, “numerous delays” and “planes taking off without luggage”. Iberia referenced to do your own analysis of the situation A “normal” day and monitoring of the strike was 17% in the first hour and 14.5% after 13.30 in the afternoon.

“Since we generally have a machine in our pocket where the airline can notify you of any changes or cancellations, There is no footage of hundreds of affected passengers gathering together at the airport,” echoes an Aena source. As an example, he adds: “The effects are negligible.” possible delays in baggage delivery. “The operational impact concerns us, just like the airlines, but it is not a serious impact,” they conclude.

The same organization has already officially warned anyone who will fly in any region these days. Airports in Spain, check the status of your flight before heading to the airport. According to Europa Press, the airport manager reminded: Iberia provides transportation services to other airlinesFor this reason, some flights of other companies may be canceled or delayed.

Source: Informacion


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