Reform to set rent caps yet to happen as thousands of large families sign up for social electricity bonus

Last March the Government announced its intention to approve a reform of the European Union’s requirements. big families benefit from Special discounts on your electricity billsTo start introducing family income ceilings for access to benefit (currently large families receive benefit regardless of their income) and to prevent some households who do not really need it from accessing it.

The announcement was made by the then vice-president of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossorioand regional leader of Más Madrid and today Minister of Health, Monica Garciathey were perceiving social electricity and thermal bonuses due to their large family status and despite the fact that public salaries distance them from the vulnerable consumer profile.

The government later underlined its intention. Activate the process “as soon as possible” to replace it. social bonusBut weeks later he began to backtrack and cool the possibility of rapid reform, taking it upon himself to reach a consensus with major family associations before implementing it. Early elections in 23J – more than four months after the announcement – and the subsequent political pause until the formation of the new Government made it difficult for the process to continue.

Ten months after this announcement, The promised reform has not yet arrived and the Ministry of Ecological Transition state that work on this issue is ongoing, maintaining open dialogue with family associations to achieve maximum consensus, and that no deadline has been set in the past for opening a public hearing process for reform. urgent. While legal reform is not coming, thousands of new large families continue to increase the list of beneficiaries of the social electricity bonus and thermal bonus without income limit.

At the end of last September, approximately 380,400 large families were helped with their electricity bills. After adding nearly 17,500 new households with three or more children since the administration publicly announced its intention to impose income caps. According to the latest update of the official records of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Large families represent a quarter of the total 1.55 million people benefiting from the social bonus.

The government insists it is working on a reform of the conditions for receiving the electricity social bonus (a discount on bills for vulnerable families) and the thermal social bonus (the voucher helps these families pay part of their gas, water and heating costs) per household so that large families can also access the help Determination of maximum income criteria.

Higher rent limits

The Spanish Federation of Large Families advocates the need to continue aid to households with more children, as they exert more effort by consuming more and having to contract for higher electrical power. And if income caps were implemented, associations claimed months ago: It will be calculated based on per capita incomethat is, income is calculated taking into account not only total family income, but also the income and size of families.

In any case, the Government has sent messages of peace to Turkey. big families. Teresa Ribera, vice president and minister for Ecological Transition, confirmed that given the characteristics of such family units and the large number of cohabitants they can integrate, they can retain social electricity and gas vouchers along with income. levels that are “much higher” than those at which a consumer should be considered generally vulnerable or severely vulnerable.

Executive does not reveal details of future reform on the type of limit to be applied or what maximum income amounts to be set for large families. In principle, the Government’s plans will be more flexible and allow for higher incomes so that every child in large families can access assistance.

In general, the income limits added for each additional child are the result of: Add 0.5 times the public very effective income indicator (IPREM) – set this year at 8,400 euros per year in 14 installments –However, for large families this multiplier will be higher, making it easier for higher-income households to continue receiving social bonuses and thermal bonuses.

Right now, Households consisting of two adults and one minor may be considered vulnerable and receive electric social bonuses According to government data, the limit was set at 23,520 euros for units with an annual family income of less than 19,320 euros and two adults and two children. For large families, starting from the third child, the limit will be approximately 26,500 euros.

Bonds strengthened by the crisis

The electricity social bonus allows a discount of 25% to 40% on electricity bills. Depending on the degree of fragility, however, as part of anti-crisis measures, discounts were temporarily increased to 65% and 80% of income. Large families benefit from a 25% discount regardless of their income, unless they are considered particularly vulnerable or seriously vulnerable consumers.

The electricity voucher also provides access to all beneficiaries. Thermal social bonus consisting of a single payment of between 40 and 375 euros per year depending on the degree of sensitivity and the climatic zone in which the beneficiaries live.

Executive also created An exceptional and temporary new type of social bonus for middle-class households due to the energy crisisThere is economic uncertainty caused by the war due to 40 percent discounts on electricity bills for families whose annual income can reach up to 27 thousand 700 euros with two adults and two children.

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