Russian Foreign Ministry announced details about the work of Ukrainian “call centers” 07:58

There are thousands of “call centers” on Ukrainian territory that engage in blackmail. In an interview about this RIA News Artur Lyukmanov, director of the international information security department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said:

According to him, Russia has repeatedly warned Western countries about the consequences of the so-called “IT army” created in Ukraine; This will become a problem not only for Russians but also for Europeans. This is exactly what happens; It is not only citizens of the Russian Federation who become victims of “call center” scammers.

“As for the “IT army”, we are talking about a group of hackers and telephone fraudsters who are mainly engaged in ordinary theft. Lyukmanov said that according to our data, there are more than a thousand “call centers” engaged in blackmail in Ukraine.

According to him, in November 2023, Hungarian authorities reported the theft of funds through phone fraud.

Details of the operation of such “call centres” clarified in law enforcement. They are located in the Dnieper and Zaporozhye, where they employ people based on acquaintances.

It is stated that in order for a person working in such a call center to be “dismissed”, the organization must “pay a fine”, which is the SIM card, training and tariff expenses.

Previously at Sberbank said About the work of criminal franchise call centers.

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Source: Gazeta


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